September 26, 2020

Best Wireless Mouse? Logitech Performance MX Review

Logitech Wireless Performance MX Review:
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This is my review of the Logitech Wireless Performance MX mouse. For a while I was on my quest to find the best wireless mouse, and after seeing a great review from Phil V and seeing many other tech YouTubers recommending this Logitech Performance MX mouse I broke down and bought it. After using it for about a month I can say it’s one of the best wireless mice you can get. It’s rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and the link to the best price will be in the description below. Now I almost didn’t get this mouse because it lacks Bluetooth. I really didn’t want a mouse that required a USB receiver like this Logitech MX does, but the unifying receiver isn’t so bad. Even though it takes up a USB port, it’s very small and it does allow you to connect up to 6 compatible wireless devices to it. So if you happen to get a Logitech wireless keyboard, this single receiver could handle both the mouse and keyboard.

The Logitech Performance MX is the perfect mix of functionality and design. I love the looks of it with the sleek black and silver style. Kinda reminds me of a mouse that Batman would use. So I’m very pleased with the design and build quality. The first thing I noticed when I used this mouse is how well the mouse conformed to my hand. It has a very ergonomic build. The curved sides have a slight rubberized finish which gives a perfect place for my thumb. The mouse is big enough for my hand too. It takes up about the same real estate as my iPhone 6 just to give you a comparison. It also has a nice weight to it. It weighs more than expected, but it’s still light enough to be picked up easily with one hand. The only complaint I have about the build is how sensitive the right-click button is. When I just rest my hand on the mouse, the weight of my middle finger always seems to accidentally press down on the right mouse-click which is something I’ve had to get used to.

This mouse is packed with features. First the scroll wheel is a normal notch based scroll wheel, but with the press of a button it turns the scroll wheel into a smooth hyper-fast scroll wheel that comes in handy if you need to scroll down long documents or webpages so you can creep on people’s tweets from 5 years ago. The scroll wheel can also be moved left and right to scroll horizontally which is nice. There are forward and back buttons on the side for when you’re browsing the web and want to go back and forward through pages. It has a zoom button and a window switcher button as well. If you download the free Logitech software you can customize almost all of these buttons which is awesome. On the top there’s the DPI and battery indicator lights. On the bottom you’ll find the power switch. It’s also equipped with a Darkfield sensor which lets you use this mouse on virtually any surface even glass. So if you have a glass desk you’re in luck.

This wireless mouse comes with a rechargeable AA battery which you can charge while you’re using the mouse with the micro USB cable that comes in the box. I’ve had this mouse for about 4 weeks, and yesterday was the first time I had to charge it. So the initial charge on this mouse lasted me a long time, longer than expected. I did turn the mouse off when I wasn’t using it so that probably helped. Overall, the Logitech Performance MX is the best wireless mouse I’ve ever used. Wireless, rechargeable, great design, and useful features. You can’t go wrong with it.

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  • I've had this mouse (only one) for 10 years. No joke. Bought it back in 2010 for $60, now 10 years later, it's at $130. Crazy. I've been wanting to upgrade after all these years but still have not found one like this.

  • Funny enough I bought that mouse back in 2014 and I still use it MANY HOUR everyday ! Worth the 100$ back then

  • hi there, ive got one of these that works just fine, i was using it with a laptop for learning a 3d program but would now like to use it with my mac and pair it up with a wireless keyboard with a number pad.. what i would love to know ? is, what would be the best wireless keyboard by logitech to pair up with this to use with my powermac ?

  • Dear Andy, i am using the Logitech Performance mouse MX the last three years. At times on the same mouse pad surface does not scroll easily, accurately. After cleaning (!!) the mouse pad surface it works better, but it is annoying not to scroll well all the time. Is there anything i can do to feel, work better with the movement, accuracy of this mouse? Thank you.

  • Honest opinion here: I've had mine for nearly 2 years, and love it… its really comfortable and accurate. MY only two complaints are… The normal click button is starting to die; unintentional double presses , and sometimes have to click hard to get it to click.
    And, it's too easy to accidentally click the 'zoom' button when clicking left mouse button hard; frantic gaming moments.
    Also, the AA battery doesn't last very long

  • typical mouse from the morst manufacturer. sensor is located under the thumb is the dumbest fucking decision. it's completely out of your control.

  • Piece of crap, I went through two of them. They last about 3 months of heavy use … now I buy $10 USD mice, just as good and last longer … plus does not support Linux …

  • I configure the buttons as COPY, Paste, SELECT ALL, Delete – for me, makes editing much faster. It is effectively a TEN button mouse when you configure the wheel left-right tilt AS keystrokes. Also the 'zoom' button. The lower thumb button I use as Command-C (Mac). I see the new MX is listed as a 7 button mouse – not quite up to my needs!

  • I love mine and it still stays charged for ages even after many years so I recommended to a friend, unfortunately theirs started playing up after about a year / stops starts.
    Shame the receiver dosen't work with another similar mouse for troubleshooting, they seem to be dedicated to each mouse to avoid interference.

  • jesus f christ!! u can’t tell me it’s not retarded of these idiots that pressing right button is too light to press. i’d say”WAKE UP MORONS!!” but i think mental retardism is more in order

  • This mouse ruined my right wrist in 1 week.
    The battery life is FAR less durable as advertised.
    Personally I do Not recommend for gaming, hell even editing. I am going back to Razer mice.
    I have the Logitech M800 keyboard, and I can say, it's my favorite keyboard ever.

  • Except I am on my 4th one of these now, the left mouse click has failed on all of them after about 8 months. This was my go to mouse but not anymore, they just don't last.

  • Logitech mice have always been great on batteries. did you find this mouse too big? I use the small mouse, but would love the features here if it didn't feel too large. thanks!

  • I have had this mouse for 1 year and it used to work perfect on the counter but now it does not at all. I would not recommend this to people who rage a lot because my brother rages on minecraft and I think that is what messed it up. The silver line on the left side also has worn to the point where the is a large spot that is just plastic.

  • Love Performance Mx, one of the best mice I ever used. HATE the newer Performance MX, hurt my wrist/hand for prolong use (Even though the shape/size kinda look similar, but feel VERY different). Too bad where I live the older Performance MX is not stock anymore anywhere.

  • it was a god mouse but after about a year the battery went out and now the mouse is a throw away im done with high dollar mice

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