October 16, 2020

Close-up with the Logitech G410 gaming keyboard

Purchase the G410 on Newegg.com:

In this interview, Brent Barry from Logitech gives us a close-up look at the Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum gaming keyboard.

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  • Can u add different effects on top of each other like layers. For example have a solid colour and then have another effect on top of that solid colour

  • What about for when you're playing music while you're gaming, and you use the media buttons? Do they get priority over function buttons or you can toggle between?

  • i have this keyboard but the only problem is that on the left side if the spacebar it is loose(rattles) and the right it is firm i tried the other space keys same thing

  • Costs 65€ in finland, is it worth buying? I need that numpad tho for mouse keys in Runescape.

  • In 20 years of typing for a living, i.e. getting paid by the line which means getting paid for speed, finding a keyboard layout with physical landmarks and key locations that don't require wasting time by looking away from the screen to find the right key has been the most frustrating of missions. 
    This keyboard has what I need which is a full-size Delete (not Backspace, but Delete) key with space around two sides of it; easy to find without looking away from screen.  Other excellenceness are the arrow keys clustered but with space around them so again can find without looking down. 
    In using maybe 100 keyboards from cheap to top-dollar, the one key that gets the least attention from developers is the DELETE key, which is very different than the Backspace key.  I'm on a top-of-the-line Alienware 18" beast and yet that Delete key is half size of regular keys and so squeezed in that it damn near takes a microscope to find it each and every time I need it.
    This new gaming trend of keys taller than the Empire State Building and requiring the strength of Godzilla to mash them I hope is a fad soon to pass.  Either Razer or MSI has indeed already started the move to reduce key height by at least half while still keeping the mechanical feel that gamers like.   Now, if Logitech could streamline the clunky aesthetics of the G410, that'd be fantastic.  The wrist rest looks like a Medieval torture device.  Lower the key height a bit, smooth out the design and you'd have a gorgeous keyboard with functionality no other keyboard has managed thus far.

  • Can you please answer this question : Does the keyboard always need the LGS or Windows for the lighting features to work ? I have it hooked up to my ps4 and when booting up the Ps4 the lights come on with a rainbow effect for a few seconds than the keyboard keys go to a solid blue and stay that way !! So is there a way to make the other light features to work when connected to my ps4 ??? Thank you

  • The Space bar feels so broken. Seriously, does anyone like it? Everything else is kinda fine. Also when I Alt+Tab it feels really uncomfortable and a metalic spring just makes an eco-ish sound.

  • Have the keboard and absolut love the more "silent" mechanical switches and small design.
    But what about Nokia/Microsoft Lumia ARX software? Not available to my knowledge …

    Otherwise, great piece of gaming gear, takes some setup time for each profile/game combination but once setup … Eyecandy 🙂

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