September 26, 2020

Craft Keyboard | I Switched…But You Shouldn't.

Logitech Craft Keyboard:

The Logitech Craft is an interesting productivity-oriented wireless keyboard. I actually switched from my mechanical gaming keyboard to this one, but whether you should or not is another matter entirely.

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My Gear:

Sony a6300:
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 (EF):
Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider:
Manfrotto 504HD:

My System:

Intel i7 8700:
G.Skill Trident RGB:
Cryorig H7:
Asus Prime z370-A:
Fractical Meshify C:
Build Video:

I’m a tech nerd at heart, but I also love filmmaking. Being in front of a camera isn’t my strong suit yet, but I’m trying my best. Follow your passion. Fight for what you believe in. Never give up.


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  • Does it work with an older Mac Pro (5.1 from 2012)? I have original Magic Keyboard now, but it has so many limitations so I can’t call it ’’magic’’.

  • I´m so annoyed about this sound of the crown when switching from smooth to ratchet mode. Anybody have this cracking noise, too?? Is mine broken??

  • Hi there what microphone are you using in this video i can see you have it attached on your shirt …thanks if u can

  • This keyboard is currently cheaper than MX Keys where I live. I think maybe a new version is incoming and they are getting rid of old stock.

  • It's just the best keyboard they ever made. I have 2, one for home use, 1 for on the road (as a developer). Yes expensive, but … it's my working tool… so worth it! fyi, one has a defective battery, but keeps working via the usb (no longer a green led)

  • All what you di say is just normal behaviour of my k810, it is a much better made k 810 with numeric tabs a that awwwsome dial !!! I Love that device swich capability !!! it is so handy if you deal wih more computers at once

  • The crown is lame because it's not very configurable. You're stuck with the "contextual" options Logitech offers for the apps they've deigned to support (and you can't see what those options are via the Options app). You can add some mundane functions to work with other applications, but keeping mental track of various configurations is impossible, and there's no easy cheat to see the defined functions. The Logitech Options app is really poorly designed. For example, the skinny application scrollbar is ridiculous UX design. I hate the way Logitech designed the dual OS key legends. I may try to pop off the keycaps and paint some color over the Mac legends so I don't see its "alt opt" and use it instead of "alt". There's a firmware update for the keyboard that's fussy to install. If the keyboard is charging, the update app thinks the battery is dead. You have to install firmware without the USB cord plugged in. Updating over the wireless connection takes a long time…then the application updates the wireless USB unit.

  • Bestbuy now has the keyboard for $170.00USD. I have 70.00 in Bestbuy points. Maybe time make my purchase! 🙂

  • Thanks for talking me out of this. I've been stalking it at Best Buy for months, but it is crazy overpriced. My $30 keyboard from 2011 is holding up just fine.

  • Nice vid, but please no music anymore! Cant understand, why every videomaker thinks, a background music is a good idea. It is not! It’s just anoyjing! :/

  • Excellent review, straight to the point and not bullshitting people like most reviewers in youtube, thanks, subscribing.

  • I appreciate the thoroughness of your review Mark. I'm going to take a chance on this keyboard but if it arrives with a squeaky spacebar I'll have only myself to blame. Liked and subbed.

  • I use it with the mx anywhere 2s mouse and flow on multiple machines. Worth every penny to me for the desk space and crown in Adobe products. I guess everyone has a different idea on what is to much of a price.

  • Firstly I own this keyboard and love it. Therefore biased. BUT, you've just pointed out a ton of features, build quality, multi device switching, cross platform (Mac and PC), aesthetics, crown, highly customizable with logi options software, etc. What keyboard hits all of those boxes? When I was searching for a keyboard there wasn't anything that had the feature set this does, and I'm not sure there is today either. Great video! Though I respectfully disagree. Cheers.

  • I feel as though this will be more than half off give some time. The g613 wireless mechanical keyboard was 200 I think at launch but is regularly 65. I think the same will happen to this

  • You'd be better off buying a standalone knob and using a better $100 keyboard.

    Standalone knob is what they used to call me in highschool. Heyooo.

  • Every so often I run into a premium product sold for a premium price that I just don't love, and I feel obligated to tell you guys about it. Hope you appreciate my honesty! 😅

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