January 14, 2021

D.D.I.T Series | Pressing AGGRESSIVE và CONSERVATIVE là gì? | PES 2020 MOBILE

Chào mừng các bạn đã quay trở lại với Tap Mobile Games và series Dig Deep Into Tactics (D.D.I.T)

Có lẽ sẽ rất nhiều bạn băn khoăn rằng Pressing Aggressive và Conservative là gì ở trong Pes 2020 mobile và nó vận hành như thế nào?

Video này sẽ giải thích những điều đó cho các bạn.
Đừng quên subscribe và bấm chuông thông báo để có thể xem những video tiếp theo nhé. Peace~

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eFootball PES 2020 is now available on Android and ios, you can download through Google Playstore and iOS through Appstore.
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▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬

■ Experience eFootball’s Online Mobile Matchplay

Here at the PES team, the eFootball PES 2020 mobile update represents another tremendous stride towards realizing our goal of providing fans with the most immersive competitive soccer simulation ever created.

For us, the core concept of PES is defined by the type of heart-stopping thrills that can only be experienced when facing off against real people in real time. This idea is embodied by our new title: eFootball, which symbolizes an unprecedented fusion between esports and soccer. In alignment with this, PES 2020 will redouble the series’ focus on providing fans the world over with fun and creative ways to compete against one another, in both local and online multiplayer.

■ The Thrill of Console Soccer on Your Mobile Device

With eFootball PES 2020, we’ve taken the same critically acclaimed console gameplay that won E3 2019’s “Best Sports Game” award, and distilled its essence to bring you the most authentic mobile soccer experience to date. Take creative command of the ball like never before thanks to the brand-new “Finesse Dribble” technique, developed in collaboration with iconic Spanish midfielder Andrés Iniesta. Other enhancements to trapping and overall ball control will also enable you to take advantage of small differences in the way each player plays on the field. We’ve also added the “Inspire” system, which allows certain players to influence the way in which nearby teammates behave. The sum total of these parts is an experience that accentuates player individuality, lending increased importance to choosing the right players for the right situations and tweaking your formation to perfection.

■ New Big-Name European Club Licensing

In PES 2020, we’ve extended the list of top-flight European Clubs featuring as official PES Partners. In addition to FC Barcelona, we’re proud to announce the addition of Manchester United, FC Bayern München, and Juventus – the latter of which are exclusive to PES this year.

We’ve also added to our mainstay J. League club licenses a number of teams from Serie A TIM and Serie BKT. You now have more options than ever with which to build your team of international superstars.

We’ve also added a number of licenses from various club and national teams, including official leagues such as Italy’s Serie A TIM and Serie BKT. You now have more options than ever before to build your team of international superstars.

■ Real-Time, Online Matches

Experience local matchplay with a friend on the same couch, or register a friend online to play together over the internet. In “eFootball”, you can face off against users from around the world, enter time-limited competitive events, and enjoy the very best high-intensity esports gameplay.

■ Even More Legends
A number of new legends are set to join the ranks alongside all-time favorites Maradona, Batistuta, and Kahn, as well as exclusive legends like Beckham, Zico, and Totti.

■ Rare Featured Players
Players who performed well during weekend matches will appear in the game as Featured Players.

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  • Ủng hộ ông từ những video đầu tiên sau vài lần góp ý thì ông có lẽ đã nói chậm hơn nhưng tần suất ra video của ông hơi thấp giờ ông bình luận khá hay chúc ông sớm phát triển kênh nhé

  • Những video thật sự bổ ích và cực kì chi tiết về game + giọng nói rất hay có lẽ e chỉ có thể tìm kiếm được từ kênh của anh mà thôi. Em có thể chắc chắn 1 điều rằng kênh của a sẽ phát triển rất nhanh để đến với nhiều người xem khác <3
    P/s: theo như e biết thì tên của de Ligt đọc là /đờ lít/ anh ạ. 1 cái tên dễ khiến người đọc nhầm lẫn với de light anh nhỉ :)))

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