October 16, 2020

Give me ONE reason NOT to upgrade – Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review

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The Logitech G502 is maybe the best, most popular gaming mouse ever, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. The G502 Lightspeed is the new wireless version with the HERO sensor, but can it compete with the DeathAdder, Finalmouse, or even Logi’s own G Pro Wireless?

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  • Lower your phone bill at https://linus.ting.com and get $25 in Ting credit

    Get 15% off on your Cablemod order with offer code MAY15 at https://lmg.gg/cablemod

  • I've gone through two g502 heroes because of their cheap chinese omron switches, is the lightspeed finally using japanese switches or is logitech still trying to save a few cents per mouse?

  • I give you a reason: Unreliable. I had 2 G502 and both had the same double click issue. The first one after a few months, the second one, which I got via warranty, had the issue right out of the box.
    However my old G900 works reliably. So i bought that one a second time, since my gf uses my old G900. But out there are also people who have the same issue with double clicking. If the new G900 has double click issues, I'm done with Logitech mice

  • one reason: double click issue, bought this yesterday and its double clicking like crazy, thought it might be starting to fade away with use…i hope. If it doesnt i will prob mod the switches since all the rma replacements will have shitty unreliable switches like this one:/

  • I'd absolutely love it, if you could use the game Osu! as a "benchmark" for latency. It's a game very even a few milliseconds can make the different between a new record, and another big fail.

    I'm mentioning it, since I've often head concerns in their community towards wireless mice and especially keyboards.

    Just a little thought 🙂

    For basically any other game it probably woudn't be noticable 🙂

  • 40 hrs to 60 hrs batteries ?? are you crazy ?? The M720 Thriatlon can run for 2 years with a only one AA battery. I will not buy that G502 Lightspeed… i hate to charge the batteries… try it yourself.

  • Did they ever fix the scroll wheel "loose" feeling on the newer 502s? Every 502 I've used since the original has had that bs with the scroll wheel.

  • I never buy into the wireless thing the price for the 502 drop so I was on it. Yeah but only my wallet few lighter.

  • finally bought the lightspeed version. loved the wired version for years. Bought two years ago the g903 with the s**tty microswitches, that failed after 3 months. Than returned that one and bought the g900 with the better quality microswitches. The g900 is a great mouse, almost perfect. But I just missed the 502 ergonomics and I prefer a higher weight, which feels like more value to me. So I just bought the g502 lightspeed and that's it. I think this will be the last mouse I buy unless it breaks (I have some microswitches as a backup, that I could solder back in if they brake). I definitely have a weakness for mice and headphones. Have more of them than I actually need.

  • My question, how does my non gaming Logitech mouse preportedly get like months or years out of the two AA batteries, but this thing can’t get more than three days?
    Is RGB and the extra buttons that big of a battery drain?

  • Who else though this was just a roasting every g502 that exists but instead it was talking about the wireless one being better

  • The only reason that`s holding me bacl is the lack of bluetooth, the new G604 have it all, Hero sensor, lightspeed and bluetooth, but doesn't have RGB –_-''.

    Any way im too addicted to g600 and the third button

  • you can get the SE hero wired on amazon for like $38…. just do that. the cord doesn't bother me.. its super light and moves with me.

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