October 17, 2020

How Good are $30 Logitech Z313 Speakers?

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Z313 features, Cord Lengths 2:18
Rating and thoughts 4:07

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  • I have this Z313 set. I have to say the sound is absolutely amazing for $30 bucks. Anytime a friend or family member comes over while I have these on and they hear them they always say things like wow your stereo system on your laptop sounds great or something like that. Gets a compliment all the time. Note: I have found over the years that a good "song" for testing sound systems is the song "Eminence Front" by The Who. Just try it and you will see what I mean. Peace!

  • I bought these a year ago and I noticed today that the left is louder than the right. Does anyone else have this problem

  • i'm not an audiophile , i have a speakers around the level of the z313 but i want more ,

    i use my speakers for gaming and music

    i've been looking at the z623/z625 from logitech
    what's your oppinion on the z 623/625 compaired to the z313 is it a real upgrade or just louder sound

    ty and have a good one

  • Hi! I have those speakers, and my sub-woofer doesn't work… All the cables are connected correctly, all the drivers are updated. The sound is loud and clear from the satellites speakers, but nothing comes out from the sub-woofer =( I can feel it shake just a little bit only. When I open the sound mixer, if I turn off the left and right satellite speakers, there is no sound at all. If I go to settings and test the sounds 2.1 (or even 5.1), when it tests the subwoofer, no sound comes out of it. Do you know what I can do to fix it please? My system is Windows 10.

  • I just bought this yesterday, it's all good, but one speaker is out. Can i fix it, do i take it back? Thanks

  • The MAIN problem with THIS Logitech is that there is NO bass level control! The bass is BOOMY as hell, peaking at about 100Hz—-125Hz, gives one a FUCKING headache!! If you're running off a PC USE one of the FREE EQ Apps! For movie soundtracks this system works, but for music not so much! Anyone that is impressed with this thing, should NOT be reviewing anything audio!!!

  • just bought this speaker before watch reviews, but i already expected what you're saying 🙂

    20 DLS on fb, refurbished.

  • I placed the subwoofer on the corner with a pillar holding it in place. I have uneven wooden floors and it seems anywhere I place it, it would wobble. The pillar holding it in the corner seems to do a good job, not sure if it'll affect the sound in a bad way though. Where do you suggest the woofer be placed?

  • Between this one and a portable speaker (that also have a jack entry) JBL Charge 4…. which one sounds better?

    I heard the Logitech Z313 sounds ugly

    Sorry, I'm not very good at English

  • The build quality on these is absolute shit. Mine and so many people I knows have just stopped working when the PSU burns out. Open it up and the amount of kids crafts going on inside tells you why.

  • As a personal recommendation, I would highly suggest to just spend $15 to $20 more and get the z323 model instead. The reason is because on the z323 model there is a Knob on the back of the subwoofer to directly adjust the Bass tone. These z313's in the review don't have that feature and the Bass is preset. Yes you can slightly adjust the bass with a Realtek Audio Equalizer, but it's not the same as if having the knob on the subwoofer itself AND using the sound equalizer. Id say only go with The z313's if you are on a very serious budget, but if you can squeeze in an extra $20, Do It and get the z323's. Paying $50 for a nice set of adjustable Bass Speakers are really hard to beat for the price and are perfect for PC Gaming! I was very pleased going with the z323 instead.

  • Do you have to plug into the front 3.5mm jack? Mine is broken and I've been avoiding speakers with cables, but I've had enough of the current bluetooth one I'm using.

  • My word thank god for the price drop cuz guess what my freaking cat ate the main lead somehow and didn't explode.

  • These speakers are only good for gifting to a senior citizen who listens to oldies on Youtube. Not good for gaming, not capable of handling today's type of music!! Anyone heard those SkullCandy superbass headphones yet? Those are awesome.

  • my speakers sound perfect with my iphone 6s but on my pc it sounds airy/mufled, when i play bassy songs you can hear the difference alot, is this something to do with a setting on my pc or my headphone jack on my pc, it is a pretty old jack

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