October 16, 2020

How good is the Logitech Z313 speaker system

This is an unboxing and review of the Logitech Z313 speaker system. I unbox and go over all the components and wiring, then set them up and play a couple songs so you can get a rough idea of how they sound.

Full specs here:

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Canon Vixia HF R700
Boya BY-M1 Microphone
Ravelli APLT4 61-inch Tripod
.43x Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro
Video Editing – Sony Vegas Pro 13

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  • I bought these speakers and i connected them and no sound is coming out or its super low i tried to update the driver but it says its already updated what can i do? this has been the worst 2 hours of my life trouble shooting

  • the sad part of this, is he may play the music through those speakers, but the quality depends on his mic, and your speakers, sound is hard

  • Wow great review.. I live here in the Philippines and these are one of the few choices we have here for powered 2.1 speakers.. Thanks this review helped me make my mind up on which I will choose. I currently use headphones and they sounded great through them.. Thanks again!

  • just wanted to say thanks & excellent job! because of this vid i will order a spkr set right now. also, you really have a flair for picking just the right music to demonstrate these with ! i would guess you earn a living conveying info. thx again!

  • so are we all just going to ignore the fact that he just tried to show the sound quality of the speakers by recording music from its speakers so we could hear it over our speakers?

  • I have these speakers and some older cheaper logitech ones. These are pretty good quality speakers that you would use if you are really enjoying the music you re listening to. cheaper ones dont have as good quality and you can't really feel the bass. With these ones you can hear the quality in them. Also I would like to mention that Logitech has excellent customer service.

  • Can someone please explain to me why every manufacturer wraps up the connectors that are attached with super thin gauged wire in plastic and then put a freaking piece of invisible tape on it making it damn near impossible to remove without breaking the wire or pulling out of the connector?? Seriously just had this problem last night trying to remove the plastic wrapper off a itty-bitty WiFi card wire.

  • Hi thanks for the good review on the Z313 logitech speakers I just brought mines today from officemax great buy I haven't hooked them up yet I will be soon thank you I heard the highs and the base sounds really good I was a little scared at first on buying them after your review I will be keeping them.

  • Hey mate , nice video. Very comprehensive and in-depth which is a pleasant change . How's the speakers going now? I'm gonna sub ya too.

  • Bro, I have just spent 10 days looking at new speakers to get for my laptop. Hell man, these sound better than any I have listened to on YT. I thought it was your mic but from what you said at the end obviously not. In my country, these are $74 but as it is Christmas I might as well bite the bullet and look at getting bookshelf speakers in the new year. Thanks mate.

  • will this work for my ps4 if i plug the speakers into my monitor? I also have my pc connected to this monitor and I just use a headset for my pc

  • On the advice of a friend I upgraded my TV speakers to the Z313's. I'm not big on TV watching so sound bars or large (expensive) speakers ain't necessary. I do listen to music and have full range Ohm Acoustics and EPI speakers in my hifi system. These Z313's are great, especially for the price of $29.99 I paid. You didn't mention the satellites as having a frequency response of 48-20khz +/-3dB. So, just how deep (+/-3dB) does the sub go???? As I'm very satisfied with the sound this question is really just academic. Nice informative video. One last thought, the satellites are 2.75" drivers which make for pretty lousy dispersion of high frequencies. However this does not seem to "pan out" in the listening of the Z313's.

  • We don't have a fancy surround setup for TV viewing. I currently use Logitech S-120 speakers and find them ok. Was thinking of upgrading the TV to the Z-313 system. Again nothing fancy, just thought the sound quality would improve. Your thoughts please???

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