October 17, 2020

HUGE HEARTBREAK! Tanjiro's FINAL Words To The 9 Hashira in Demon Slayer Explained (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Manga Chapter 203 Analysis were we discuss DEMON KING Tanjiro becoming human again and being healed. Kanoa injected him with medicine and their Tanjiro x Kanoa ship will now sail. Tanjiro and Nezuko are reunited as the prophecy Yoriichi has been fulfilled. Muzan’s Death is final and his last words are sad, he’s just an insecure little man. The 9 Hashira saved Tanjiro from Muzan’s grasps as his wish is granted.

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  • So tanjiro is the chosen one/chosen demon all this time and not nezuko the fuck anime watchers only will be pissed because of this and i myself pissed too cause muzan is desperate to get to nezuko and eat her to gain immunity to sunlight so he turn her into demon kill his loves one

  • Tonjiro really like “i let him turn me to get back my arm and this std off my face but everything still worked out perfectly… cool”

  • I don’t think kanao is fully blind, yeah she used the technique on her other eye but she only used it for a couple of seconds and that was about it I just think her eyesight got worst but still blind in her other eye

  • I don't know about any of you guys but I'd not reading the manga and I'm really looking forward to the movie I've got a lot of spoilers things to you and your thumbnails it's like you don't care about how anybody else feels about the anime or how they're getting spoiled by it

  • What if Demon Slayer continues and a bigger antagonist is introduced, and everyone will be like: Remember when we thought Muzan was the main villain?

  • When I watch so many video about demon Slayer most I see that insuoke he doesn't wear demon Slayer shirt

  • Muzan : " Don't Leave Me !!!!!!!…. "

    Tanjiro : " Why???? " …..

    Muzan : " Cause your the chosen …… The Perfect MONSTER " !!

    Tanjiro : " nah …..sounds lame …. I rather bang a blind chick and chill afterwards with my sis …. "

    Muzan : " 😣😐 Just my luck ….. A nice guy "

  • Is it just me or did anyone else notice that tanjiro is blind from one eye when reading the manga… ?

  • Tanjiro would have stay if mujan moonwalked right der and started singing "they don't care about us"

  • I love how Muzan’s words doesn’t reach Tanjiro at all

    Muzan: You must live!!!

    Tanjiro: Nah man, you’re just b a d v i b e s

  • Could anyone tell me the fucking purpose of the BLUE SPIDER LILY and how in the world did even Muzan's Doctor knew to turn a human into a demon ? Will other demons really perish away now ?

  • Oh…So Tanjiro is no longer a Demon ? 😒

    I was really enjoying the plot twist…too bad it ended well and we won’t have a sequel or something.

  • I liked that karma got muzan cause he didnt care for no one and never realy helped someone without being for self consideraition but in the final he begs tanjirou for him to help him without any true benefit for tanjirou consideraiting that tanjirou thouse not seek immortalaty or power to hurt others he only wants to portect his friends

  • Muzan: don't leave me alone here tanjiro with my blood you can become the ultimate moon walk dancer!!!
    Tanjiro:I just wanted to go back to my homies fuck dancing like you!!!.

  • Story took a stupid direction for a while now. At this point I’d prefer that Tanjiro became a demon but he conquers it and comes to his senses. It would make it more interesting imo.

  • Loved this..

    D King..
    I Am Da Sun!!!

    Kills DA whole family.

    We did DAAAAAA good work.



    Hang over gone.

    Relief and realisations hit.

    I Am Da Way..

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