September 26, 2020

Logitech C270 Webcam Review / Test

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  • So instead of buying a 30 bucks C270 he recommends a 200 bucks C920. Maybe he drives a Ferrari or something but he realy sucks. No patience with these kinda guys they always recommend the best of everything this way his recommendations can`t go wrong. Trying to look so proffessional behind his enormous studio microphone which gives a crap audio soundworsethan the C270, yuck.

  • I've been subbed to you for a while now and was glad I found your review for this webcam. From what I've gathered it will be a great camera to use for streaming. It would of been nice if you threw a green screen up to show how well/difficult it would be to key out with the camera.

  • Great review. Thx. I'll buy today and I'll post my considerations here tomorrow as an answer to this comment. Cheers. Good luck to me eh!

  • I currently own one of these C270 I had it for years! It's been the best webcam I've ever owned. UNTIL! Windows 10 came out. Ever since I upgraded to windows 10, I have exhausted every technical trick in the proverbial book to get my web cam to work. NO Success. I finally gave up for a while. One thing would help if I could find the 'Disk" that came with it, but like I said, I've had this camera for years. So, the disk has made it's way out of here somehow.
    For some reason, windows can't find a driver for it and I've been told by troubleshooters and a couple technicians that my camera's too old and no longer compatible to use with windows 10. I've even downloaded up to date software from Logitech's web site and it still won't work. I gave up. But it still bugs me why, all of a sudden, with win10, I can't do anything to make it work… Thanks


  • Very good explanation and testing. Also, recommendation was also logical, is meant to Skype calls and simple webcasts. Thank You, very much.

  • well what do you use as a webcam TODAY my main man (im from India so I say things like that to sound like I am from America).

  • I didn't realize this was your video when I clicked! I'm subscribed on my other account but I'm going to sub on this one too!

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