September 17, 2020

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

We spent a few days with the Logitech ConferenceCam Connect fully intending to keep it. It performed nicely and had excellent sound through the built in speaker. In a one piece design (not counting USB cable and power supply) it is easy to move from room to room.

Ultimately the price seemed extravagant for what we got and we’ll be moving to a far cheaper Logitech WebCam C920 on a tripod, along with the Samson GoMic with or without a table top mic stand. At about $140 total, instead of $440, we’ll be able to divert the extra funds into other expenses (computer, travel, food, etc).

I was asked in the comments what mic stand I use. Here are links:

Mic Stand

Extension Arm

Boom Scissor Arm


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  • Thank you for your review of the Connect. I am a movement teacher, physical therapist and shifting to online teaching with clients through Zoom. I thought this unit would allow me to shift from standing to sitting and lying positions as I am demonstrating with using the remote. But now through your careful study I see I would want an optical zoom. I also really like the portability of the this unit. You mentioned the 3000E. But I can not find this at Logitech. Did you check this out? Would you give me any guidance with a unit. I did just receive the Connect in the mail, but now am hesitant to open it. I wish I had seen this prior to the purchase. Thank you for your kind attention and an indirect thank you from my students. Karen

  • Thanks for the video. I can't stand bad audio, and I'm convinced that using an external microphone is the way to go. How is your microphone connected? Is it hooked into the webcam directly, or into the computer?

  • Great review! After seeing your review, I have decided to go with Sam GoMic and Logitech C930e. I intend to use them in a Skype group conference, so I have to use an external speaker so that all the participants can hear the sound. Not sure how well GoMic cancels echo, but I hope it works well!

  • Hi Tom! you make very good videos! What type of Adjustable Microphone Stand did you use (in the last part of this video)?

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