October 17, 2020

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse Review by FPS Veteran

The replacement for the Logitech G100s is finally here, with a lot of upgrades and even some side buttons. No doubt the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is going to be one of the most popular, and by popular demand, I started and finished this review in a day … but didn’t upload it until the second day (still counts).

I already reviewed the G100s and I’m very familiar with the 3366 sensor, so I should have everything right, I hope anyway. What I can’t comment on is durability, obviously. As with all mice, we’ll learn about any potential problems through community feedback. Mine seems perfect.

Either way, it’s a great mouse and definitely worth your attention.

Available: 15th September 2016

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Big thanks to Logitech for sending the Pro Mouse out for review!

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  • whats a good mouse pad that goes well with this mouse (budget of 40$) Something with no friction like the zowie Gsr E

  • I bought that mouse like a bit over a year ago. Gliders wore out. Switched to the G Pro Wireless, but I am not too comfortable with the shape of it. So I bought a G Pro again.
    But there are some significant changes to it: No braided cable anymore and there's no option for surface tuning anymore. Is this due to the new "Hero sensor"? LOD is now awfully high.

  • apart from Q3, what is the other game you were playing in this video? Looks pretty good! (pls forgive me, I have been away from gaming for a very long time ( 12 years )

  • Friend got this mouse. I have some old Deathadder and I must say, I could never use this G Pro shape and size. Slightly ergonomic for right hand is incomparably better imo, I cannot see how this ambidex shape can work for pretty much anyone… You ain't using it with both hands right? So why not go right handed? I understand that someone would want smaller mouse, but why this badly shaped one? As for sensor and all – who cares almost all gaming mice, even cheap ones have pretty much as good as you can notice, and about the same input and everything else pretty much.

  • man ure a motherfucking true veteran, u talk my fucking language, say what i wanna hear, god thankyou, nowadays i dont even know what kind of mouses have the shape of my grip, ive been since quake too, those im claw with only fingertips, and those palm or claw makes a mess with the shape, ill pick this one

  • I'm an FPS gamer of over 30 years. the idea that a matte finish is 'better' is a lie. It's nothing more than a preference, and a poor one in my opinion. Worse than a high gloss smooth finish. With a smooth finish the mouse does not slip away from your fingers like it does with this so-called improved finish. It's marketing bullshit and I question the concept of 'progamers' really designing this. But I guess it's possible whatever. Maybe they never tried a smooth mouse. Its sticks to your fingers just the right amount. When you try to 'pull', 'push' and life the mouse with your fingers there is NO COMPARISON, the matte is just INFERIOR to gloss. You don't want rough, matte, rubberized, dimpled, textured or anything but smooth. Because that sticks to your fingers just the right way. You can instantly release it but it doesn't slip. Less fatigue, less strain, better control. You may think I'm loony but don't knock unless you given it a good try. I doubt there even are any anymore. Once companies get bullshit in their head they can hold on to it tightly. That's just one example of how stupid we can be. Thumb buttons are not necessarily better either. They are right where you want to grip. At best it is a preference, not better to have them. More buttons does not mean 'high end' and less buttons does not mean 'entry level'. More marketing bullshit. Lastly the weight of a mouse could be called a preference but many of us don't want more than 70g and I think I might even like 60 or 50. I don't know what the minimum would be but maybe as light as possible and still hold up. Weight is just more inertia to move back and forth. Less precise, more fatigue, it's a lie that it's helps anything. People freak about slower and then don't seem to even think about what weight does to acceleration and control. Weight also increases friction. I'd been playing for over 10 years with some kind of MX300 or something, but it finally died and I happened to have learned about polling rate. I just moved to g203 which feels like a heavy slippery thing. 86 gr vs my 71 gram old one. it's a massive downgrade in handling over the glossy mouse of similar shape. The sensor and clicks are great and improved yes very nice, and the teflon feet is a nice formula. (I've been using vinyl floor tile for mouse pad for decades, it's ideal. The cost a dollar, an nothing is as suitable). But the matte body of the G203 (which I guess is similar to most 'modern' mice) is horrible compared to a glossy mx300. The scroll wheel is a bit odd with it's teeth and overly positive movement, but not usable the way the grip is. The old mouse is just ever so slightly larger which is better for my hand also. This is the only basic shape I've ever been interested in. I'm probably just going to get a G100S and polish the crap our of it and take the weight out and be happy, even though is 500hz instead of 1000. Marketing people always try to convince everyone, and often succeed, that gimmicks and more 'features', for the sake of 'feature count' is what everyone wants while ignoring and neglecting important basic considerations to what is actually faster, better, stays 'connected' to your fingertips better…gloss. And thumb buttons make for any inferior grip and distracting feel for many of us. They had it right all those yes ago. But they usually can't leave well enough alone because we expect things to get 'better' even if that's not possible because they are already perfect. "New and 'unproved' is not always so. There is such a thing as a 'perfect' and mature design, and that was it, body, finish, button count, and weight- wise. More buttons and matter finish is not necessarily better at all, its necessarily different, that's it. And for many of us, worse.

  • this is the most uncomfortable mouse i have ever held. it is too narrow too short and has too low of a profile. its horrible from all sides. i had to modify it with electrical tape to make it wider so my hand doesnt cramp after 20mins of gaming. sensor is awesome tho. doesnt skip handles like a champ.
    if you have average hand and arent a teenagegirl with puny hands it wont feel right!!!

  • This is MX300 2016 edition, altough the MX300 is 11cm long. I have a large hand (RJN2: 10,5×19,5, RJN3: 5,7×12) and it's still MUCH better for fps than a Deathadder (at least for me, I use fingertip grip).

  • 17.5 cm. He is holding a paw and finger. Do you have any suggestions. This is the first time I'm gonna get the gaming mouse.

  • for logitech g840 mousepad i should calibrate my logitech mouse for cloth or hard or factory default mousepad from software??

  • Im between the Logitech GPRO and the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro, my hand is 21×11 and i dont know what mouse i will buy, both are at the same price, help pls

  • For me g100s is better than g pro: 1)shape (yes they have similar shape but they different) When i play on g pro my fingers go numb.
    2) plastic quality. G pro have awful plastic
    3) sensor accuracy. G pro sensor is weird for me, i cant do my best, cant aim, cant unit control. it seems to me that the sensor has acceleration.
    4) clicks. G pro switches also weird for me
    5) price. G pro cost too much
    I would rather buy g 100s than g pro but g100s no longer produce. I regret that I didn’t buy myself a couple of hundred g100s and now there would be no problems for me since the sensor on my g100s has already broken after more than 3 years of use and the cursor starts to freeze every five minutes.

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