October 17, 2020

Logitech G Pro X Keyboard Review! Bring on the Mech.

The new Logitech G Pro X keyboard has a major upgrade from year’s past…kiss Romer-G goodbye and say hello to GX mechanical switches!
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  • i have a question. can I change the key caps on the Pro X ? because i would like to get the hyper x double shots key caps.

  • G pro x problems
    1. Micro usb
    2. Not compact or clean like Razer Huntsman tournament
    3. Glossy side still. Oh god.
    4. Expensive

    Razer Huntsman tournament problems
    1. Already use. Hate the linear switch, way too sensitive. Sold to my buddy straight away lol.
    2. Unable to hotswap switch.

    Bought 2nd diy build yo own keyboard and chuck in my massdrop halo true and ma own beige caps xD

  • Can you swap other switches like Gaterons in there? like could i get black switches and would they work?

  • Quality is pretty bad for the price, the Blue LED on the F and M key is already dead after only 4 months of usage. Searched it up on reddit and found this to be a very common issue. Guess this will be my last keyboard from Logitech

    getting sick of all "nO uSb C iN 2019-20 O.o"

  • Do you know which keycap sets actually fit this board? I got this and didn't realize that the bottom bar was a non-standard layout 🙁 got a better keycap set but the space bar and the caps lock key actually dont fit… Was hoping to find a keycap set of pbt keycaps that actually works for the whole board.

  • curious to know if you can put box whites in this keyboard cause some say it wont and some say it will

  • Personally, I've never really had an issue with the Romer G switches. Still using my G810 after all this time. Find the fact that the all white color is a bit on the blue side, but if I want just a white backlight I can swap out for my Logitech G610 Orion Brown. Though, when I get my gaming rig built this next month, I'm likely going to use my G610 as my main keyboard.

  • Your take, the G Pro or Apex Pro?

    All features aside, the actual typing and the Omni keys vs the Red?

  • Their old Logitech G Pro that has the Romer G switches have better space bar stabilizer than this.
    "marketing gimmick"

  • I gotta be honest. These keyboards are amazing and I love my razer huntsman but the soothing keyboard or the steelseries analog keyboards are so much more worth the price. I prefer the op to switches wooting has but the Omni point switches are cool too. I wish this g pro x had something like this. The razer huntsman and g pro x are supposed to be the nest step but they’re just basic compared to what the only other 2 brands. Now these analog features aren’t perfect but if Logitech s d razer start working on it then maybe they can become the new thing. I actually think every keyboard should have analog features.

  • Hey when I try to buy the keyboard the website doesn’t show any purchasing options; do you think you could help me?

  • A 150$ keyboard without USB C, using ABS caps, a rather buggy software, not the sturdiest build and space key sound bad?

    I bought one and loving it with mx silent red replacement 🙂

    Althought I would love it more if they improve on the things above

  • They got rid of those romer sh*t switches? OMG, maybe I could give Logi keyboards another chance after all.

  • GX Clicky Sound Test: 3:12
    GX Tactile Sound Test: 3:26
    GX Linear Sound Test: 3:36

    Hope that made your day easier 🙂

  • I just bought the keyboard from best buy and it didn't come with the keycap or the key switches puller. What should i do should i just buy them

  • comes with headache blue switches by default with no option at all to change to browns or reds but yet they want us to spend an extra $40 to $50 for a set of red or brown switches for a estimate total around $180…..yeah no thanks

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