September 26, 2020

Logitech G PRO X Review – The Best Mic On A Gaming Headset?

The Logitech G PRO X gaming headset is pretty unique due to its integration of Blue Microphone technology! Yes, the Logitech + Blue Microphone collab we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! But does that make the PRO X the best gaming headset for 2019 and did Blue give them the best mic on any headset?

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  • *CORRECTION: Both the PRO and PRO X pairs come with the USB dongle, and only the PRO X has the BLUE VOICE software built-in. You're essentially paying $29 more for the BLUE VOICE suite in G-HUB.

  • Well you can adjust for every mic, obviously using the same settings on different mics won't work well on any of them that is not the one you made the profile for…

  • I love everything about the logitech g pro x, except MY GOD IT IS PAINFUL AFTER A FEW HOURS. I cant wear it for long and started getting headaches, and I have a small head and wear glasses. it is even worse while wearing glasses for sure. Im not sure if hardware canucks tested the headphones for hours and hours. But they seem fine at first, its really fatiguing if youre someone who wears headsets all day. For months I started to use cooler master instead ( I broke them by accident the other day) and I CANNOT even use the logitech anymore theyre painful. Im thinking of returning it, what great are headphones if you cant wear em?

  • It would definitely be very nice to see this headset potentially as wireless with all the same features maybe slightly less on the audio quality but I'd definitely take that over having to deal with the wire so I can roam freely without worrying about yanking the cord everytime I get up from my chair but the nice thing is most gaming keyboards in this day and age have cable management to deal with the cable and the blue voice software dongle can just be plugged into your pc or optionally into the keyboards USB port, it's just kinda disappointing that Wireless gaming headphones have yet to been looked at again even if the audio is slightly worse I'd still take it over having to deal with wire on my body constantly and the potential problem of accidentally throwing your headset on the floor regardless the Logitech G PRO X is a fantastic gaming headset but for wireless fans I recommend a second pair of headphones so you can do a quick swap of audio in your PC settings (assuming you're using PC) for entertainment and work but other than that 2019-2020 the Logitech G PRO X definitely is very good and deserves to be observed for your choice of headphone, hopefully helped any of you by any means.

  • Was really excited for this but now I have spent about 3 hours trying to get the headset to connect in Logitech G Hub. A lot of people are complaining about this in Logitech's support forums with no real solution. When I plug in the little USB DAC, G Hub shows the Pro X headphones picture but "Not Connected" underneath. I reinstalled G HUB, used different USB ports, tried manually updating the drivers in device manager (from "C:ProgramDataLGHUBdepots47127") and it still won't show up. Rebooted my computer several times… it just won't work. I also have a G Pro mouse, MX Master 2S for work and G920 wheel. This is my first terrible experience with Logitech, I've been recommending Logitech products for years but I think I might return these headphones. Obviously, the headphones and microphone work fine when using the Y-splitter, but that's not why someone buys the Pro X headset.

  • May I please receive links for screenshots of the custom settings you used for your testing? I liked hearing it with my Skull Candy earbuds, so I want to see if the sound quality will sound just as good with my voice on my computer (once I get the headset of course).

  • I can see the next iteration of this headset will be wireless. I play on both Xbox and PC so a direct bluetooth connect (like on turtlebeach's) would be just some icing on that already dope cake.

  • someone help quick, my right ear just randomly stopped working on the headset and no sound is coming out of the right? Anyone know whats happened ?

  • Do you guys think they break fast? I need new headset and I've watched some reviews and some people say they break fast? EDIT: Do you also think that they have some kinds of driver problems? Some people have said that they cant hear whats going on behind them for an example (post from 2019) So are these driver problems fixed yet?

  • I have it, the mic echos when I use the 3.5 and I haven’t been able to test the usb yet (Xbox app won’t allow it)

  • do not go with this. the drivers are so fucked up and don't work well. Look on redit on "Not connected" problems.

  • have the same headset and the surround sound sucks.. very inaccurate compared to the 30dollar MPOW headset that I have. footsteps that should come from behind me sounds like its coming from either left or right side, and the sound level in relation to the distance of the footsteps sounds way closer than they really are (this is all in CSGO and CoD: Warzone) and some footsteps are gone altogether.

    So far in terms of surround sound accuracy Turtle beach is by far the best experience I've had.

  • I bought one and it arrived today, I was very happy with the quality of the product, but for some weird reason the mic just won’t work, so I tried googling it to see if I could resolve that, and apparently many people had this problem, some worked again, some don’t, now if you excuse me, I’m gonna cry on my bed

  • So the only difference between the g pro and the g pro x is this adapter? I'm asking because i might buy it for my console and then i wouldn't use the dongle at all and the sound would be the same with both. Am i right?

  • Thank you for the good review.

    Maybe its a stupid question, but when I adjust my settings and the blue voince in the software, are the settings saved on the microfon, that I could use it on a PS4 Party chat, with e.g. Broadcaster 2? Or can I just use that broadcaster setting on a PC recording?

    Hope you understand what I mean.

    Thank you

  • One of the best gaming headsets i have purchased. I am very picky when it comes to getting the best product, I personally think that this headset is worth the price tag, great sound quality for hearing the quietest footsteps and so on. Go for the Pro X.

  • This is 150 aud more than the regular G pro, imagine having to pay 150 bucks just for blue voice software.

    Thanks Australia

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