October 17, 2020

Logitech G25 Review After 8 years of Ownership!

After 8 years, I finally got around to doing an actual review about it. Is it still the king of all racing wheels?

Logitech G27 –

Logitech G29 –

Logitech G290 –

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  • I wish the G29 was this reliabile. People are having issues with that in the first week itself…not even 8 days…!!! Old logitech products were better built…

  • I still have my Day1 G25, and it still gets regular use, the brake pedal has always annoyed me though, so I've recently ordered a load cell. I mostly use the sequential mode on mine to be a handbrake in rally games, using the paddles for gears. Not had a single failure in almost 11 years of use, although I will admit I am delicate with the shifter because it always felt fragile.

    For sure though, it is by far one of the best bang for buck wheels you could buy.

  • i can get a logitech g27 for 250 canadian dollars,or a g25 for 150 canadian dollers, which one is better to go with? i am getting a wheel soon but i dont knowi f i should get the g15 or g27

  • Nice man! I have a Logitech DFGT which i got in 2010 so it's 7 years old now and everything still works. I brought a TH8A Shifter for it (for PC sim racing) and i built my own clutch for it. I even have those moments where i looked online and everyone said that DFGT is a plastic toy and later that day i was hoping for my wheel to die so i can upgrade but i got over it and continue to play Assetto Corsa everyday now. After my DFGT breaks I may move to Thrustmaster Wheels.

  • A year update – it still works. I've cleaned it for the most part, and actually plan on using it when i get back into sim racing again (serious this time).

  • I've also had my G25 for 8 – no 9 years now, mainly for my PC, and is still going strong too. I've replaced the shifter like you, with a barely used one I found on Ebay, very luckily, and installed a couple of pedal mods, but I see no reason to invest in a new one yet. In case it hasn't been mentioned here yet, niether the G25 or G27 work with the PS4 (at least not without a bespoke cable and some fiddling). The new G29 will of course, hurrumph, which I tried for a while but simply wasn't worth the expenditure – so I sold it on and lost very little on it. So if anyone is thinking of venturing into sim racing without spending too much, get a used G25 if you can, bullet proof and made to last.
    Anyway, very nice review btw 🙂

  • "No-one uses the sequential shift function" While you're right I don't use it to shift gears I use it as a handbrake for rallying just remap the shift up to handbrake and shift up to rear view or reverse, and you have an easy way to have a handbrake without soldering off the circle button etc.
    I don't know if you got any ghost braking with your pedals after a while but I did my brake potentiometer got loose in its holder so would give 1-3% braking when off the pedal 0%.
    This is easily fixed by repositioning the potentiometer and hot gluing it in place.
    Good review “o=o¬ RCYAL8R

  • Two g25's in 8 years here also, but I had some problems with both, one of which was unfixable 🙂 Only way I'm changing it is if I get the full fanatec top setup with shifter and pedals and two wheels. You are incorrect however, many people simulate the shifting modes of each car.

  • Thanks for the video, I've had mine for close to eight years now too. Good to know that you are still enjoying yours!

    About the buttons on the wheel not instantly reacting anymore: the same thing happened to me; after a few years the signal was becoming weaker and weaker until it almost didn't work anymore. I opened up the wheel and it turned out that the (really) small electrical wires that run through the 'steering column' had snapped. I tried strip the snapped wire at both ends and tying them together, but that was not realiable. Finally, this week I managed to (hopefully permanently) fix it by soldering the wires together. Now the buttons react instantly again, so I'm a happy camper.

  • Is it worth it buying this or the g27 around the same money used? Also can you tell me how you can check the revision of the wheel?

  • pretty good to last that long! Logitech is known for making wheels durable, i have a Driving force gt i had for many years now i use a g920!

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