October 16, 2020

Logitech G25 vs G27 – Noisy FFB? Sound test | Assetto Corsa + DTM Experience

I got myself a new G27
Get it here:


even though it is more silent vs G25, the FFB rattle is worse with this successor! I did this test to get a confirmation whether the wheel is faulty or not.
Some owners say this is normal and some say this is way too much noisy so owner should RMA it. I am not happy with tweaking settings way below what the defaults are for G25/27. Even on lowered settings i could hear rattle when turning right over curb. Totally unhappy about it! Rather have G25 even though it’s louder when on track…

UPDATE: Wheel got replaced with a new one but same old ”P/N: 841-000042” version. Same problem still occurs with turning right over curb but at much lower noise level.

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Logitech G25 vs Logitech G27
G25 vs G27 comparison video test
G27 too loud Force Feedback rattle clipping logitech profiler settings

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