October 17, 2020

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Review!

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Review
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  • Hi everyone i have noticed my left click is far harder to press than my right click? Anyone else experience the same issues, or can anyone suggest a fix please?

  • I've been using this mouse for years and can't live without it, i'm so used to the side buttons being on top i can no long go back to side buttons again. It's such good mouse it's never given me any problems at all, highly recommended.

  • the only problem i have with this mouse is the lack of extra grips for the side! almost 4 years and still going strong!!!

  • was hoping your would explain how the buttons work. I dont get a screen with a display of the mouse working.

  • Oh God! What i am looking for??
    Honestly, i found something unique and better to enjoy.
    Still amazing & outstanding mice after 4 years. Also, your intro was very cool and looks like a really seen. Due to this quality stuff, I have embedded your video in one of my blogposts still in 2019. Wanna look this blogpost with officials reviews here you go: https://reviewlo.pk/best-gaming-mouse-in-pakistan/

  • I would bought this bought this mouse but no buttons on the sides for my thumb to click on is such a huge turn off

  • Disconnecting problems would not recommend. The last 2 of these i bought have problems where the mouse loses connection frequently causing me to lose the ability to aim for a few seconds then reconnecting i tested it on 2 laptops and another desktop in my house all had the same problem of the mouse disconnecting. I bought 3 total the first one survived 2 years. The last one only a year. And my final one 3 months. The disconnecting problem is extremely annoying. I am un able to find a way to get the mouse to disconnect (shaking it, hitting it with a hammer, throwing it at the wall while its plugged in) None of these make it disconnect. I have no idea what the problem is but it has happened to 2 of these mouses I have owned. Other than that its a great mouse and the buttons are super useful. It is great for fingertip grip. It is a shame they have this issue though.

  • Is this a mouse a work with a nintendo game and does a it a play fortnite very goodly? I a need to a get mother day gif for my friend…

  • I use fingertip grip and this mouse is perfect for this style. However, it is quite a cheap feeling. I have used older G300s with old Logitech logo for five years and the left click started to double click. Was used on playing League of Legends. The rubber on the sides also wear off and when you shake the mouse, the top makes a sound.

    Now I have bought another G300s with newer Logitech logo, it started to double click left mouse button again after two years of use. Sometimes left click doesn't actually click at all. I did not use this newer mouse that much like previous G300s. I absolutely loved this mouse, but based on these experiences I did not go for a third G300s mouse.

    I ordered the Roccat Kone Pure SE mouse (40€), after seeing it being recommended in couple Reddit threads and in one forum for a fingertip grip. Roccat Kone Pure SE mouse is almost identical as size and weight as G300s. Roccat Pure SE also uses better click objects, Omron which are advertised to last longer (50 million clicks) than click objects G300s has (10 million clicks)

  • I'm aware it's ambidextrous, but as a lefties myself. I'd never even consider using my left hand with a mouse, it's just uncomfortable.

  • omg. 6:57 and he didn't even use the mouse on camera. He put his claw on it for 4 seconds, but that's not how the mouse would be used by anybody.

  • Huge dislike, you disclose you got the mouse for free at the very end which is extremely misleading and borderline unethical. I wouldn't of bothered watching the rest of the video in x2 if I knew you did not buy it yourself. Waste of 3minutes.

  • this mouse is delicate as F**K, i bumped it once on my desk and the sensitivity dropped from 100 to 0 (the mouse never worked the same since). if you are a pro gamer i wouldn't suggest this, i would rather spend my life savings on a razor mouse then this delicate piece of crap. yes it may be a good offer, but it would really suck to be in my situation right now.

  • Owned one of these for 3 years, only today did the left click start to fail on me. Bought the exact same mouse again today, literally unbeatable value for money. Bought it for $36aud.

  • Just dropping in to say after a few years, and it still being sold; do not buy this mouse, I got it on sale for like 15 euro's, and it's still not worth it. The cable is ridiculously thin, the mouse is optical, not laser driven [seriously?!, these days?!] and it feels cheaply made in the hand.

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