October 16, 2020

Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Quick Review

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Featuring mechanical keys, compact design and custom app software, the G310 Atlas Dawn is designed for gamers who are serious about how they lay the smackdown in single and multiplayer games.


Sporting the brand new trademark Romer-G mechanical switches and response key actuation that’s 25% faster than other boards of a similar design, the Spark is designed for both durability and those who love a bit of an aesthetic touch to their gadgets.


– Exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches.
– Full Back-lit Blue Illumination.
– ARX control integration.
– Ultra-Light Compact Design.
– Arx Control Dock.
– Performance Facet Keycaps.
– 2-year limited warranty.


0:16 – Introduction, ROMER-G keys
0:48 – Compact design
1:01 – Couple of things I didn’t like
1:30 – ARX control integration software
1:43 – Removable dock
2:01 – Key backlighting
2:16 – Conclusion


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