October 16, 2020

Logitech G403 Prodigy Review (Wired and Wireless Versions)

Played Quake for over 17 years, reviewed over 50 mice, and these are at the top. Logitech is really raising the bar with their latest generation of mice, especially looking at the specs.

It’s close to perfect, so really your choice is going to be based on things like hand size, preferred shape and grip, and price.

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Some more info…

Size wise, it’s closer to the Zowie EC1-A, 6cm at the fingers and about 10.2cm base length, so it’s a bit like a straight-edge DeathAdder, but personally I’d say more comfortable. Probably best suited to people with 19cm / 7.5 inch hands, all grips.

Logitech’s wireless gaming technology is amazing; really can’t tell if there’s a delay or not, and I’m happy to use it in competitive games.

So which to choose… wireless or wired? Well, it’s up to you… which is worse, cable drag or extra weight? If cable drag is worse, get the wireless. If heavier weight is worse, get the wired.

I can’t comment on durability because it’s too new.

As with all mice, there are some build quality concerns, but nothing to really worry about. You can always return it if necessary. The only problem for mine is the wired version has a loose scroll, but the wireless doesn’t; most likely a rare issue.

Update: Apparently it’s just some early wired units that have the issue, should be fixed on the new units.

Update 2: Confirmed, have tested 2 new units and talked to multiple sources, there is no more rattle on the scroll wheel. If yours rattles, return it.

To conclude, definitely a top mouse and worth your attention. I’d say I’ll be recommending these a lot, until the competition catches up anyway. Until then, the G403 is awesome, good for MOBA, RTS and FPS.

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  • Having daily'd the wired version of this mouse for over two years I can say it's amazing with only one downside. The scroll wheel becomes loose over time but nothing horrible I love it

  • Did Logitech fixed the expirable scroll button? These things break up after 1 year and a half of normal use (g403).

  • Bought this mouse a week ago it is a good mouse especially for palm but its slightly off for me personally its a great mouse though and I recommend it just not a mouse for me

  • Thank you for the review. Also, your QL skills are great – we should play a duel one day;-) now, I'd like to ask you – what do you prefer yourself, the G403 or the MX518 legendary? I've been using the MX500/510/518/G400 for about 14 years now and recently my G400 broke down. Not sure what to get, either the MX518 Legendary which I'm very much used to, or try out this G403 baby. I don't have a way to try it out where I live. Thank you in advance for your time and reply 🙂

  • Thanks for the review. Currently using an old G5. Without the cartridge it weighs 115 grams. Started thinking I might need to buy a lighter mouse because of fatigue. 28 grams difference I assume would be very noticeable? I have very big hands, using a fingertip grip with G5. Anyone using fingertip with G403? A previous comment said it wasn't suited for it hence asking.

  • I play batter with a large me mouse like the mamba wireless than I played with the UL2. And I have 17.5x8cm hands. I’m gonna try this mouse out.

  • I have had this mouse for 2 years now and it is so so good. Super responsive glides nicely and I still have a haven't felt anything with better clicks. The scroll wheel has the perfect resistance for me as someone who bunnyhops a lot in Csgo. One thing I would say though is that this is not for fingertip grip at all. My hands are pretty big and the ridge makes it impossible to do fingertip grip. If you use fingertip grip I would recommend going for the g203 or the new gpro.

  • Does something like, a free-scrolling version of this exist?
    I LOVE my G203, and this mousee you' re reviewing here almost checks all my features wishlist for a wireless gaming mouse.

    Buying an MX Master just for free scrolling doesn't make any sense to me and the 502 seems too heavy for me.

  • I just got this mouse today, brand new and I don't recommend it. Because clicks are so easy to press also double clicking sometimes, it feels so bad in hand like you are holding a rock, it's not comfortable at all. I regret it for buying this mouse. 😓

  • Good mouse but dont like the hump towards the back, i am suprised you like it because its quite a big mouse ,not long in length though.

  • I had this mouse for 2 months and the only problem is dirt would get on and in between the side buttons which is kinda annoying but a great mouse

  • Hey thanks for your incredible job of reviewing all the best gaming mice, it helps a lot! DId you get the chance to test the G403 hero gaming? Is there any big difference?

  • Great mouse but after some hours of gaming it hurts my ring finger. Im using claw grip tho beacause i have big hands

  • can anyone recommend me something like this one with good materials, rubbery sides, excelent buttons ect. but smaller. i love this mouse i can shot well with this mouse but i want something smaller my now my hand is 18×10

  • This is better than the G Pro Hero for larger hands? My hand is 20cm long and I'm trying to decide between these 2.

  • I like this mouse a lot. But just like my last 4 or so mice, mouse wheel is already broken and is skipping to wrong direction when scrolling. This could be because I use the middle mouse button a lot and it wears out somehow. I don't want to buy the same mouse with the same issues a second time. So any recommendations for a similar shape and a durable wheel that would not break down in less than 2 years? I had this same problem with previous logitech, roccat and steelseries mice. Super annoying, maybe I just have to unlearn to use the middle button?

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