October 16, 2020

Logitech G410 Gaming Keyboard Review – Tenkeyless Mechanical Romer-G Keyboard

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Logitech G410 is a premium gaming keyboard that doesn’t feel as high end as its price suggests. See more gaming peripheral reviews here:

0:02 – Hardware overview
4:21 – LED lighting and configuration software
7:21 – Companion ARX app showing system statistics
8:37 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is a mechanical gaming keyboard using Logitech’s own Romer-G mechanical key mechanism. As a typing surface I actually prefer it to my Corsair tenkeyless keyboard given the keys don’t feel as sensitive, but gamers may want something a little springier than this keyboard provides.

My big gripe is with its overall build quality. It’s made out of plastic and as a result does not feel like a premium product when handling it. This is good for portability given its light weight, but it also means that it’s far more likely to get damaged when being transported.

The connectors are my biggest area of concern. No braided cabling or specially molded USB connectors for durability like its competitors have. In fact the cabling and connectors feel cheap and brittle – inexcusable on a premium product.

Features are sparse. The primary attraction on this keyboard are the LED backlights on the keys. They are very bright and very easily customizable without a lot of complexity. Each key can have its own color assigned and there are a number of ways to configure the lighting that are a bit easier than what I’ve seen on some other gaming keyboards. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be possible to tune color in realtime, so the color needs to be adjusted on screen before being pushed out to a key. There are no macro functions built into this keyboard so the rest of the configuration is relatively limited.

Logitech also has a feature that pairs up with mobile phones to display game system data or allow for quick switching of gaming profiles. It apparently has some applets that bring some second screen controls to games but not many are supported.

I would like this keyboard better at a lower price. It just doesn’t feel like a premium product for what it costs. Stay tuned for a video review I’ll be attaching to this review in the next day or so.

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  • quick fact;
    if you have a big phone like j7 prime and few boxes or heights you can make a keyboard mouse tripod

  • Hello friend is the g410 atlas spectrum will last long it is good how about the cable that connect to the key board to laptop or PC is it braided or not pls let me know thank you.

  • you can get it for around $70 on ebay now just bought but haven't got yet. bought a razer Ornata it also is made of plastic maybe a little thicker cost $99 feels okay not crazy about all the light coming from the back lit keys just prefer illuminated keys only.

  • Just bought it for 60 dollars, worth it huh? 🙂 newegg ftw, they got the deal going on for 3 more days

  • How the fuck do I use the audio controls on this bitch? I've looked everywhere. I just want to be able to change volume from in the game

  • I would give it a 1 out of ten, basically not worth having expecially at the price for the ill conceived shape. It was something Mocrosofts's ex president would have come up with, absolutely worthless.

  • You CAN set a lighting profile for every game… You need to "Enable per profile Backlighting"… the << button (upper right) when in the lighting option which I accidently discovered thinking it was a Back Button.

    I'm a little disappointed with the interface myself though. I would love to setup the "KeyPress" fade or even breathe option as part of the "Freestyle" option… and I would love to know the color I previously chose… I need to use tool to fetch the color from the screen to know what the rgb was in my other setups…

    The interface is very painful to use, long story short. If you are a fiddler this will annoy you a lot.

    And I would love the light key on the keyboard to change the intensity as well instead of lights on/off option, sortof what you said, for night mode.

    BTW, I like the fact it's not as heavy as a metal casing. the thing is on my lap. But it is much heavier than all the other KB I owned… aside the ones from the 80's…

    I actually got it for 100CND on amazon.ca

  • Corsair K70 Cherry MX brown really works well for me for everything..Got it for 107 USD last year from amazon

  • Hey Lon! Can you give me the link for the Logitech gaming software for the Logitech g910 keyboard. I am having a hard time with getting it as I am on Windows ten. thanks.

  • Thank you Lon, I am with you, the lack of quality materials and high price do not make sense for this keyboard.

  • hey lon this is sal chavez can you check the aura media live TV box, its quad core cpu and gpu with TV tuner and is capable to record live TV with an external HD, but would like to see how good it is for retro gaming with e!ulators, keep it up man …

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  • Lon, I'm an old school boy and used IBM Model M buckling spring keyboards for years, until you couldn't really get them any more. Anyway, I am looking to finally getting a proper keyboard. No membrane cheap keyboard but a keyboard that will last and I have been a little more then confused on some of these switches on these new mechanical keyboards. I don't know the many flavors of cherry MX, romar G, or whatever else there is out there, how well do they hold up or how they compare with the Model M. There is a company out there that bought IBM's patents and is still making the original buckling spring model M keyboards (http://www.pckeyboard.com/). I want to get something that would be good over all, gaming and typing. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

  • If be ok with it if it was more like 70$ or $60 would be great for laptops or mini itx systems but oh well

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