October 17, 2020

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Review – Best Gaming Headset Today!?

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  • ok now I have ps4 system and I want a gaming headset in range of 150-160 dollars
    I saw a lot of reviews for a good headphone that provides me the best it can offer for this price and still complicated
    So which one should I choose??

  • I bought these when they 1st came out in 2015? And they just now broke on me. My cable doesnt work so my mic is trash. They lived for 5 years. After ripping them out of my ps4 over 200 times. These are really well. I recommend the wireless version due to the fact I forgot to take them off my head so many times. 9/10

  • Hi, i just got this headset and have a problem getting sounds from google chrome into this headset and not sure how to fix it. Is there any solution to this?

  • Not sure how I got to this video, I've had this headset for 3 years and it's great.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like Gaming Products worry too much about design and lights over it's quality.

    Seriously, light-up mousepads?!

  • BTW don't buy these. Mic picks up every little background noise. And they get mega hot on your ears. Fo real, there must be better options in this price range out there. I don't support Logitech anymore cause their gaming mice have been disappointing too. My G502 Hero died in less than 6 months (right click got wonky).

  • The audio quality was nice, but it was super uncomfortable to wear them so I disagree with it being nice to wear them (that could just be me though), and I couldn't hear any noise around me which is not a plus when I live with my family. I don't like them after using it for a while now. As you stated the noise cancellation also is very bad so with that, I went back to my Turtle Beach Force Recon p50, which was only $35 and can't say I miss the g633 and on top of that the turtle Beach mic sounds better too (maybe the noise cancellation I guess).

  • The sound on mine became really fucked with mine after a year or so. I went to the store to get a new pair and of course, the same problem came back after a year. Don't buy this headset.

  • PIECE OF SHIT! Unusable with xbox, always echo with party chat, plus micro usb wont work, only 3,5mm, and the micro usb port is instantly faulty, so if you move your head it disconnects

  • I had this headset, I did not like it at all. The sound was preety good for a gaming headset, if all you need it for is gaming audio and not the mic then its perfect for you. But the sound was the exact same as my g430 which is ABOUT $50. They both use the same audio engine and DTS:X, anyone that says they are different, go buy a g430 and use the DTS on it, they might be different on paper but they legit sound the exact same (I don't want to toot my own horn. I am musically trained as well as attended school for years studying in musicology, all while training my ears.) and honestly its not worth it. If you really want good sound. I mean I would say buy a very nice pair of studio headphones, and a separate mic. But for gaming its not really worth it. The side tone was HORRIBLE. This was my biggest problem with the headset. My voice sounded awful when not passed through a condenser and the side tone even when you turn it up was one of the worst iv ever heard.

  • i just bought one and am satisfied, exept the dts 7.1 on my Asus says 'please switch on internal speakers to activate 7.1/ Had to go to sound settings from control panel and activate 7.1. Before that it was good sound but only stereo

  • Bought this headset over HyperX. I just used it tonight and I can say that it sounds great. Noice cancellation is surprisingly brilliant, I barely could hear my clicking sounds on the mouse and keyboard. I almost didn't hear other people talking to me awhile ago. I may have exaggerated but this is based on what I experienced from it today. Also, a great headset for listening to music. It is very comfortable though it kinda slips, which might be due to the smooth cushion. Overall, it's a great buy. Pretty pricey though.

  • this headphone could be a clear winner by miles if it just had a wired version with a battery that charged when plugged and had a wired option aswell…
    I get it bluetooth drivers and cables and battery would drive up the price, idc.
    I'm not lacking cas,h im lacking a wireless headphone that charges while plugged in.
    Sure they exist, but I want this one…. I know I sound like an ass but rly Logitech… I love most of your stuff but this is a slipup…

  • Have had these for a year now so here's my experience with the headset.

    Cons: If you have a keyboard like mine(Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2) with clicky switches, the microphone will pick up that sound really well.

    If you decide to take a drink with this headset on, it can fall off easily

    The 3.5mm cable provided with the headset can sometimes be stuck in a bent state, making it hard to have it straight, I find this annoying as I have to stuff the cable in my pocket a lot and then having it constantly bent isnt my thing

    Pros: Sound quality is great, even for music it's my go to headset now

    No matter how long I wear these, my head doesnt get stressed or get any pain

    They can swivel to rest on your shoulders is a great feature

    You can use both USB and 3.5mm inputs at the same time

    And so far, it's had no problems and it works perfectly, I would definitely recommend this headset.

  • The worst fucking headset for PS4, the audio is so low that I can’t hear any enemy’s footsteps in R6 siege which is the only game I play and also the mic makes a buzzing noise in ps4 which extremely annoys my teammates and you can’t even use the control panel on the headset for console and even the useless RGB on the headset doesn’t light up for console. At short, this is the worst purchase I have ever made.

  • I found that this headset suffers from one obvious problem found in all gaming logitech headsets. Overtime the plastic on plastic joints squeak when this headset moves, even slightly from head twisting. This squeak is loud enough to activate the mic and is much louder than mechanical keyboard taps.

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