September 26, 2020

Logitech G633 & G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset Review

Logitech claims that their new gaming headsets, the G633 & G933, are a cut above the competition when it comes to sound quality. Does Luke agree?

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  • I really hope that in the four and a half years since this was recorded that you guys (excluding Linus) learned how to properly wear headsets. I wonder how many potential customers were turned away based on your misrepresentation of the headsets' balance.

  • with all respect i hope u did try the Hebe M 1 caus i believe it's mic is a lot better than artemis and even cost less

  • How should I use them if I just wanna hear footsteps a little easier? Would appreciate any advice thank you (:

  • I have the G933 and i love them
    I have no issues
    but i think the Mic should be a bit better comparing them to other headsets in their price class

  • Ive been using the g633 for almost 2 years now. I find them extremely comfortable and breath decently too. They started having issues and logitech is sending me a new set now.

  • IDK about the G933's but the G633's clamp on your head like a vise yet are still fairly comfortable. You'd have to do some serious headbanging to get them to come off. Also mine aren't nearly as loose at the joints so maybe they changed the build? They still feel kinda flimsy though. You're gonna want a designated headphone stand for these because you sit on them once and they are done.

  • If you position the headset correctly by moving the headband forward a couple of inches, it stays on very well. Everyone in this video with the headset falling off had the headset just about as far back as possible without it slipping off in an upright position. I'm surprised that the group of nerds that produced this video didn't think of adjusting the headband forward just a little bit…. seems like common sense to me. Linus had it positioned just a bit farther forward, thus it didn't slip off.

  • I remember watching this video when I bought these headphones. I was worried about how they fall of, but today I realize for whatever reason you guys put on the headphones at a rlly weird angle…

  • Can anyone confirm if I can modify the sound quality through an app or through my PS4 console? Will it automatically give me 7.1 ss quality? I saw them on sale for 55$ I just want great quality sound when I have to play at night.

  • I’ve had this question for soo long please someone answer my question

    Can you get the lights and buttons to work on console without the Logitech app thing?

  • The only difference is G933 is wireless which is pretty useless because in Thailand it cost 5,000 baht

  • Headset mics go for mid-range because that's where voice is – it's a feature to improve intelligibility.

  • I ordered my G633 this week can't wait to use it, I think you guys was not to hard on the aspects of the Logitech, most of the points you guys was saying is like in daily usage and how most people will use the G633 & G933.

  • Logitech should have Testers that are gamers and people like use testing the headset. If they do i think they need to fire them and get better ones lol. I been searching for a new gaming headset for about a year and every brand i see cost al lot of money, cheap made or The image on the box looks better then whats in the box. If they take off the stupid lighting and focus on Head/Ear paddings with 7.1 ss and a great microphone build into them they would have a great gaming headset. I dont no who thies people are on who designs HyperX, Astros and Logitech them and way they cost so much. I try all brands of headsets and could not find one that i like. Cheap made and pore cheap paddings on them.

  • I honestly just got this(G933), and I do not know how to properly charge this thing! i inserted the wireless usb into my computer port and plugged in the micro usb wire. The wireless usb keeps flashing green and there is no light indicating that my headphones are charging, just pure black. Am I doing the right things to charge it?

    Also, for some reason it is not letting me used the wired option. I plugged in the micro usb to allow me to keep using my headphones in the wired mode, and the headset turns on and seems to function but I cannot hear anything that is happening on my computer. 

    I would really appreciate the help.

  • whats up guys I am wondering if this head sets 7.1 dolby will work with a movie well on a PS4 is this a recommended option with this headset?

  • If I have the Logitech gaming software downloaded on my pc they don't produce any sound, but without the Logitech gaming software they work totally fine. Any ideas?

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