October 16, 2020

Logitech G903 vs G900 vs G703 – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse | The Tech Chap

What’s the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse? I compare the Logitech G903 vs G900 vs G703 to find out what’s new and which is best. Get a free trial of Squarespace at – – – G903 US: | UK:
G703 US: | UK:
G900 US: | UK:

Back in Summer – Nicolai Heidlas
Love Mode – Joakim Karud

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  • Which one is the best… "click-buttons-duration-wise"?
    I'm going to have to change my MX pecision (or at least confine it to non-game stuff) because of… Skyrim. Double firebolt simply doesn't trigger anymore. Well, almost. Can I expect a better endurance of the click buttons with either of these G's?

  • Thanks for this.
    I still go buy the g903 it seems.

    I really need the scrol wheel to have the 2 options. I. Games I need the stopping wheel..and when I make games I need the free wheel because moving over areas needs a lot of scrolling….

    And I want the mousemad actually. So I need the 903.

    But this video helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • You state that you have no idea why anyone would use a wireless mouse while still having a wired mouse pad (either a powerplay mat or an RGB mat), so just wanted to leave this here as a thought/consideration. One potential reason for using a wireless mouse over a wired, even if you have an extra cable from something like powerplay, is cable drag. Cable drag can have an affect on aim and a wireless mouse can solve that for you. Also, another thing to consider is the cable management. If you have a desk with no backing to hide cables, you may be okay with a wired mouse pad since you don't have to maintain any slack in the cable the way you would with a wired mouse that may hang down off the back. So with the wired mouse pad, you can keep that cable tight and not have any hanging slack and have no cable drag on the mouse affecting aim.

  • I just like being able to do wired or wireless on the g900. No one seems to be talking about that.

  • Sorry for the 2 years comments bump but…. I tried almost all the dam mice and set up out there. The important is to have a mouse that fits your hand. Quality is very important too and Logitech has the best quality mice out there no doubt on that but maybe they cannot fit the hand of many. Here is the problem with that G903 and G703: A mouse pad is something not durable at all unless it is made of metal or something. Now the only reason to buy those 2 is the chargeable mouse pad that cost $120 USD. Unless the price is lower which is the case right now you can stick with your G900 or older G502. I remember mine was $200 at the time and I got it for less than $100 CAD fresh new back in the day at Bestbuy. Now you can get the G903 for less than that at the same place. Get it if you never got one. Mice are like old stamps or cars. When you have money and time to find the one that fit your hand . Do it! You never gonna regret it 😀 Like I said stay away of mouse pad. After 3 months you need another one. 😉 G502 for FPS aiming. G900 for all purpose including any type of games. G Pro for moba games or small hands, weird hands, weird type of grips. G pro fit almost every hands/games but the feel is very different (Fast and light). For work, desktop and web browsing it is great to have a bigger mouse like the G900 or a very heavy confortable mouse.

  • Bruh this kid is so stupid. The main reason many gamers like wireless mice is because there is no cable that can mess you while gaming

  • i have the g903 and the powerplay mousemat and i have to say even though in all the total is around $200 it is worth it. to not have to ever worry about charge and have 1 less cable its completely worth it for me for $200 probably not, but i already bought it lol and it has lasted me a couple years now and still going strong!

  • The G903 is a great mouse and has great battery life. Don't listen to this guy, buy the one you like!

  • I have had a g903 for just over a year and for 2 months now I've had progressively worse double clicking issues on both buttons. Now it is literally impossible to game with it, so I'm buying another one tomorrow. I might give the Corsair competition a chance.

  • Well, the Lightspeed-Technology is way faster in terms of transmission than wired mice. So you don't have a valuable point when you say, wired mice are better, because they're not anymore.

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