September 26, 2020

Logitech G935 – AMAZING Wireless Audio But Old Design

The Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset is the successor to their G933 Artemis Spectrum. But does an old design hamper the performance of what could be the best 7.1 surround wireless gaming headset around?

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  • I have just purchased the G935's. Right out of the box any volume above 50% gives off white noise (kind of like a light background static noise). I have turned down the Sidetone. This did not fix the issue.


    Please help me fix the white noise problem! 🙁

  • I've had g933 for 5 years since Dec 2015 and they're really good but the weight is just too heavy.

  • i have a feeling my right ear is a different size from my left. if i put both cups over my ears, my right ear touches the walls of my g635. super uncomfortable

  • Would someone recommend this headset over the astros a40´s? I dont know but somehow I think they sound almost equal (based on all reviews I saw) Please help!

  • Only NORMAL intended usage of the product and TIME can show if the product is durable – not some guy on you tube bending it and twisting…

  • that plasticy crack/squeek is very annoying in 933… when i slightly turn my head i hear some plasticky clicky or kreeking sounds… and they are also transmitted to voicechat… thats why i hoped 935 to be better build quality… and thats my best of 3 since i returned 2 cos they were broken otherwise.. qc should be improved as well

  • Ive been using logitech headsets for 10 years now and im hesitant to switch because I love the sound, but im loving the look of the Corsair Virtuoso. So how does the G935 compare to a Virtuoso
    I am currently using a G933.

  • I have some arctis 7's and the 935 absolutely DESTROYS them in sound quality. Night and day difference between the two. I listened to about 12 different songs switching the phones back and fourth and the sound quality difference was extremely apparent. Really happy with the 935's, I don't even want to use my arctis 7's anymore.

  • It's a shame that it loses wireless 3.5mm jack support at the transmitter.

    This means that I can't stream my PS4's audio anymore, due to Sony's weird decision to cut all HDMI audio if I plug a headset into the controller.

    I'm really disappointed in this headset. It's a sidegrade to the G933, at best.

    I'll definitely be returning them and getting the older 933's.

  • Lol, it's a garbage headset. Bought a g935 and his had a worse mic and sound than my Turtle Beach stealth 420s that they don't even make anymore. It's literal garbage abd you should buy astro A20s as they are cheaper and wireless for console and PC.

  • I 'upgraded' from G930 to G935. The only pro for this upgrade is i dont
    get random disconnects like i had with g930. General sound quality and
    isolation with G935 not even 30% of one that G930 has. So if you are
    planing to go anywhere from G930 – dont go Logitech at all. G935 sux
    ballz sound-wise. Definetly last logitech product ive bought. G930 – bad
    connection; G935 – terrible ear-bleeding sound.

  • I had the G933 and 5 min ago I received and connected the G935 and it sounds absolutely CRAZY!! The sound is amazing!! I never heard such a good sound from a gaming headset, I also got the Bose QC35II and in some cases the Logitech sounds even better than the Bose! the bass is deep and powerful. Go ahead and buy those if you have the money!!

  • I think the g635 is better because it’s cheaper and the battery life is pretty low on g935 not only that but you can keep the lights on all the time with the g635 and to me the ear ups aren’t bad they aren’t like the g430 material

  • Personally I have the G933 and I think the LEDS need to go, the Micro Usb needs to by switched for Type-C, the Microphone is not great could probably go with a good detachable Microphone like the MH375 does. Now a personal question if you had to choose between a GSP300 (Sennhesier), MH752 (coolmaster) and the G933 (logitech) what would you pick is a low end wired headset a better option over the G933 or should stick with the G933 and wait for something better in the wireless department?

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