October 16, 2020

Logitech M525 Power Plus Computer Mouse Unpackaging and Setup on Windows 10 💻🖱😊

I recently went out to Best Buy (here in Canada) in search of a new computer mouse. This video shares with you which one I chose and how to set it up on a Windows 10 computer. Do you think the battery life will be 36 months as claimed? I think it has to do with how heavy a computer user you are and how much use you put on your mouse…but we shall see. The mouse I chose is the Logitech M525 Power Plus with what they claim to be 36 month battery life. Challenge accepted! So, how heavy a computer user are you? I am a full time YouTube Creator and between emails and posting videos and watching videos and commenting on others videos and answering comments on my own videos…I am *always* on my computer (or at least it seems that way!)

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  • I bought this mouse in 2012 and 8 years later I still have the same battery in there that it came with. Still works like a charm

  • I was looking for a solid durable mouse and have had Logitech before. Thanks for this great video on the installing and updating of settings in control panel. I am a lefty and didn't realize I could customize the mouse for my left handed clicking. Cool stuff!!🖱️🖲️🖱️🖲️🔋🔋🖥️🖥️💛✌️😉🤙👌😎

  • Looks like a good one Susan. Well I would be interested in seeing if it lasts that long on a battery.. Great video once again.. Really enjoy your outlooks on these different items that you pickup.. I think you will be happy with this mouse .. Oh and Sorry, but about Plastics and what they do to the environment.. Is all that plastic around a mouse necessary? Just saying.. 🙂 Why couldn't that have been in a small box?

  • Excellent review. You say 36 months without changing the batteries, it seems to me a lot but maybe Logitec is finally improved over the battery life. I myself have the mouse Logitec M187 and frankly I must change the battery at least every fortnight, well it is true that in mine there is only one battery, but if it had two it would make a battery change every month . Following your return , and if the batteries really hold the charge I will buy the same as you.

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