September 27, 2020

Logitech M705 Review

Logitech M705 Review

A quick review while at work of the Logitech M705 marathon mouse.

In a nutshell this thing is not a good wireless mouse and I’d suggest avoiding it and instead looking into something like the G602 (Currently $35).

This Logitech mouse tracks poorly and feels bad in the hand.

Logitech M705 –
Logitech G602 –




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  • Amazing and hilarious. M705 is the best mouse that I have ever owned, and trust me, after using mice for the last 30 years, I have seen "few".
    Troubles that you mention here does not make any sense. Seriously.

    There are no problems with tracking, and I also use it in my living room, without a decent mouse pad.
    Also, batteries really last long, and you do not even need to turn if off. I bought mine like two years ago, and I have changed the batteries (rechargable ones) ONCE.

  • I have been using M705 from 1.5 years and found its really good. Mouse pad is never moved by mouse, its tracking is wonderful. Neither did it ever reset the setting setup in Logitech Options.

  • I hate it. It won't copy and paste Paid 32.00 don't get it Thought I was getting a good item for the price Mostly I have used 10.00 mice for years and worked better than this. If I could find my receipt I would return it to WalMart. I have been trying to get some satisfaction from the company but no luck.

  • I use it, maybe I've just gotten accustomed to it, but, it seems pretty ok. I won't recommend it if you're looking for a light, quiet or high dpi mouse. Anyway, if you're looking for a cheap mouse, it works.

  • don't buy this garbage. waste of money. it's very noisy . they make them cheap nowdays, for a lot of moeny. logitech is a scamming company now

  • weird, I saw couple of good reviews for this, now not sure should I buy. Damn I would like to try it before buying but probably they will not give me.

  • Larry, I do believe there's 2 versions of this same model # mouse. I actually looked at yours compared to the one I currently own. The logos are different.

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