October 16, 2020

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S – REVIEW

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Logitech MX Anywhere 2s Review


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  • Nice review. Are you sure you can't drag from one display to the other? I believe you can if you have the displays correctly setup. You need to have one above two or to the left or right. If you have it above then you can't drag from left to right but you can drag up and it will work.

  • Great review!

    i was just wondering, how can the mouse be connected to multiple PCs when there is only 1 receiver….

  • Hi, awesome vid. I just bought mx anywhere 2 and i was wondering if there is any way to use scroll as middle mouse button. I thought maybe three is some lighter click which won't change between scrolling and hyperscrolling or whatever it is called, but it seems this mouse doesn't have middle button click option besides setting another key to act as it. Is my mouse broken or scroll wheel doesn't have the option for middleclick?

  • I have the exact same mouse and use it on a MacBook Pro.
    I feel that for me it just feels a bit off specially with my pinkey dangling to one side but then it's one of the best wireless bluetooth mouse I could afford to buy.

  • Thanks for the review. I just bought this mouse, and will be using it with Premiere Pro and After Effects. The mouse I'd been using up until yesterday was causing frustration, so my fingers were crossed with this purchase. In the past I was accustomed to a Mac mouse and never had problems. The guy at the electronics store spoke with inspiring confidence, and now, hearing your comprehensive and sure-fire review, I feel ready to open and connect it. I'll bookmark this page for reference. Thanks again.

  • the battery could last a whole year??? wow. this is the future but the prices though..even after 2 years the value still hold up pretty impressive… there is similar looking one the m590 but some said it last a month hmm decision decision

  • if pressing the wheel changes the scrolling mode, how do you press the centre button? The one that opens links in a separate tab for example…

  • Just got it as a gift.. wanted to see its features to use it better. Whoa! That's a lot of efficiency.. i love when tech solves problems. Customizable buttons…multi device support… I'm super impressed. Also, the smooth scrolling and precision is just beyond normal. It's so responsive that when I go back to another mouse it feels like it's slower. I wish they made an ergonomic version of this in upright/angle position. I have small hands and It does not even touch my palm. Apart from that, very premium product. Definitely took the power of a quality mouse for granted up until now.

  • Are we able to connect this mouse to a computer using its own Bluetooth capabilities WITHOUT the unifying receiver? That's what I'm looking for.

  • is the scroll click that changes the scrolling speed different from the normal scroll click? bcoz in 3D Softwares for example, u need to click and hold that scroll wheel to orbit the view… would that keep changing the scrolling mode?

  • even after hours of searching and trying i can't find a PAN function !!!
    do i have to trash a mouse which costs 10x more than the most simple item ???

  • Is there anyone who is using this mouse for linux ? I am afraid mouse wheel gestures will not work for mac and linux.

  • Bought mine in August 2017, I've only had to recharge it about a dozen times since then, the dongle broke after 8 months, but I didn't bother to buy a new one since I just use the BT connection.

    Worth the money despite it's price, No regrets!

  • I purchased this mouse because I'm sick of left clicking something with my $10 rechargeable Bluetooth mouse and getting a "Back" function, instead. Work, or play, that bug with my current mouse has been driving me crazy.

  • lots of useless blabla and no factual information on noise, no information on the fact there is usb dongle, bluetooth, etc. make your job !

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