October 17, 2020

Logitech Pebble (M350) Review – Quietest Mouse on the Market?

The Logitech Pebble M350 is one of the best portable, silent mice on the market!

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Logitech Pebble Review – Quietest Mac on the Market?


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  • I just bought this mouse and I must say it's really not bad. The only thing that sucks about it is ergonomics. Since it's so flat you really cant rest your palm on the surface at all. It's more of a hover and use your fingers to click kind of mouse. Definitely not horrible, but at the same time, it's not ideal IMO. They had to give up something to make it so portable and to be completely honest that is definitely not the worst thing.

  • You missed out a major feature. You can switch between Bluetooth and the dongle option by pressing the small button underneath.

  • I just bought this mouse a couple days ago. Without the USB receiver, it can't get detected by my Laptop's bluetooth. I tried to connect it to my phone's bluetooth and it did connected but only in the first time, the second time I try to connect it again it isn't detected anymore. Does anyone having the problem I faced too?

  • I have a MX Master 3 and I was looking for a travel mouse for my ThinkPad. May have to try it out before buying…

  • Love this mouse yes it’s 30 for minimal features but the features it does have like Bluetooth and multi device function and the feel and touch of it is amazing!

  • Just want to know, after using it do you feel comfortable using it for a long time? Do you think its ergonomic?

  • Concerning Logitech mouse, the best they produce are only Logitech G mouses.
    Best harware and sensors, best software, best build quality… GORGEOUS LOOKS.

    Just look at the fucking G604.

    How can you spend money on an Mx Master knowing that the G604 exist !?!??!?

  • So this is where I feel this is one of them marketing techniques I don't like. OH MY GOD a mouse is TOO loud actually many people doesn't notice it in the library in my house and in the middle of the night LMAO so
    … Actually many people gets annoyed if you click a pen too many times

  • 0:40 – "When you don't want to disturb others or be heard by a mouse or you just don't want to be obtrusive"
    Literally next scene of the video: picks up and slams the mouse on the desk

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