October 17, 2020

Logitech R400 Keystroke Injection Attack

In this SySS ( proof-of-concept video, SySS IT security expert Matthias Deeg demonstrates how a computer system that is operated with a vulnerable Logitech R400 wireless presenter [1] can be attacked remotely via radio communication by exploiting a keystroke injection vulnerability.

The fact that wireless input devices like wireless presenters can be prone to this kind of attack is not new. For example, Niels Teusink demonstrated this kind of attack back in 2010 in his talk “Owned Live on Stage” at the IT security conference Hack in the Box in Amsterdam [2] and in his blog article “Hacking wireless presenters with an Arduino and Metasploit” [3].

In 2016, Matthias Deeg reported and later publicly disclosed a keystroke injection vulnerability in a newer model (R-R0008) of the wireless Presenter Logitech R400 with the SySS security advisory SYSS-2016-074 [4]. This newer product version of the Logitech R400 used a different radio technology (nRF24 by Nordic Semiconductor instead of CYRF69103 by Cypress Semiconductor), but still had a keystroke injection vulnerability. And the security analysis of a Logitech R400 device that was bought in January 2019 using a freely available software tool of the SySS nRF24 Playset [5] showed that this keystroke injection vulnerability is still there.

Thus, the wireless presenter Logitech R400 is a good example that a security vulnerability, which has been publicly known for several years, may not be fixed by the manufacturer in newer product versions, even if there is a significant change in used technology like using a different radio transceiver.

Besides this demonstrated keystroke injection vulnerability of the Logitech R400 wireless presenter, the two SySS IT security experts Matthias Deeg and Gerhard Klostermeier have found more security issues and collected interesting tales about different wireless input devices of different manufacturers which they are going to tell at the CONFidence IT security conference in Kraków on June 4, 2019 [7].

A couple of weeks ago, Marc Newlin (@marcnewlin) also published first results of his research regarding different presentation clickers that are vulnerable to keystroke injection attacks on GitHub [8].

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