October 17, 2020

Logitech StreamCam: A Modern Webcam Worth Buying?

Logitech finally release a new webcam after THREE YEARS aimed at streamers. It’s a good camera, but I’m having a hard time understanding why they say it’s for streamers, along with some serious concerns about it’s marketing..

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  • Seriously, I feel you. I hate these kind of Fake ads( including not intentionally )

  • Thanks for sharing. I'm not looking for a gaming webcam, but this is great info so that I don't overspend. Quick question… Unlike gamers, I'm wanting a camera that does good resolution for overhead video of my desktop. Do you have any suggestions that don't cost a lot?

  • That blur happens on conference calls and done in the app like Microsoft teams. Think you're right. They are not advertising correctly.

  • Based on the initial ads shown and up until the picture of the gaming streamer was shown, it seemed as if Logitech had developed this camera with IRL streamers in mind. I think it's worth noting that Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube gaming aren't the only source of streamers anymore and it's very possible Logitech is looking ahead to consider what the entire landscape of streaming will be for the masses. Don't forget that the fastest growing category on Twitch has been "Just Chatting" so make no mistake, perhaps that is why they added the cameras video stabilization and ability to change to portrait mode in addition to having it plug in by USB C port…it's clearly aimed at mobile users and I'm presuming to replace Sony's AS300. But, at that point, you're trading stabilization for 4k with some of today's smartphones.

  • Yeah that there is some pretty shitty marketing there to make it look like it was taken with the webcam when it clearly wasn't.

  • The problem with webcams are the bit rate and lack of low light. I get way to much noise on my logitech c920. I hunted down a really nice webcam at twitch con last year at one of the vendors but it's really pricey. But as a pro streamer, it's worth it (i'm not…yet) because you don't need a capture card or capture software, all the processing is all into the camera itself. Check out the sub2r. I really wanted it but it's expensive.

  • Why do I imagine Go Pro creating a modern webcam that can perform outstandingly better then what the competition is now?

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