October 17, 2020

Logitech t630 Ultra-thin Touch Mouse

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I just love the gesture support and a list of other features the logitech t630 mouse let me tell you more!

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 for Windows

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 for Mac

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Blue Snowball Mic

5 Bulb lamp
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  • Thanks for the video, I was about to get the t631, I was unsure if the t630 was Mac compatible. Great video

  • Liked your video, it's informative. The volume level is very low. i had to raise the volume level on my Surface Pro in order to hear you. But overall good job

  • I find that if you lay your hand flat on it with just the two fingers (index and middle) that you normally use to left and right click … rather than trying to grip it with your thumb and ring finger (as one would do with a larger mouse) that it is much more ergonomic. i.e. Think of it like a track pad that moves around on your desk to manipulate the mouse cursor. If you try to hold it like a normal mouse it is incredibly uncomfortable and is going to cause strain on the wrist, thumb, etc. But, just lay a couple of fingers across the surface and spread your other fingers out flat. The weight of a couple of fingers lying on its surface is enough to break the friction with and move it around.

  • Liked the review. Planning on buying this mouse. Need a replacement for my old Logitech mouse 😄😆

  • I enjoyed this review – thank you! I'm wondering it this mouse would work on an ipad? Do you happen to know?

  • Great Review. Just picked mine up for my MacBook Pro and I absolutely love it. Does everything the Magic Mouse can and is much more elegant and easy to carry around.

  • I just love your video !
    The best review I've watched about this mouse. Great to see all its applications in 'real' live use.
    Many thanks for this amazing shooting and the way you carried it out 🙂

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  • NJCat, how is it compared to the magic mouse/ magic mouse 2. Reason I ask, is because the magic mouse i am currently using is killing my wrist…thx

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