October 17, 2020

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 Review

The Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 feels superb quality from the very first time you pick it up. The real magic starts when you place it on your desk and start using it.

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  • can we just stop for a sec and talk about why this is selling for nearly $400 tax and shipping om amazon…i know this is discontinued but what the fuck?

  • DOES anyone know a fix to the red blinking light on the side of the mouse? If you play WITH wire, it will always display a blinking red light since it cant find the battery (ofcourse you take the battery out for serious gaming (lighter + faster) i have updated the drivers, updated the macro software, i even updated the firmware, but the stupid light keeps blinking wtf is this shit?

  • Don't buy this shit..Do not recommend it, to heavy for a mouse which is weird when ur moving it for gaming you'll get awful reflex reactions with this. Also when I move it to the side it goes upwards also but im not moving it up, mouse living its own life this is so bad, I recommend a logitech g400 or g500, I own g400 not g500 but g500 is lovely I bet. dont buy g700 such over prized and bad for gaming cause of the weight which gives u bad reflex if u gon do a flick or so, dont buy this shit the mouse driving me crazy.

  • This is amazing. I was having trouble with my mouse wheel. It turned out that the ratcheting part was off. When I used the scroll wheel, and sometimes not, stuff would scroll when I took my finger off the wheel. Pressing the button to switch modes back to ratcheted worked wonders.

    It's a nice video of it's features as well. I like the previous G700 myself. I used my last one until it died, and I'm very happy with my new G700s one.

  • I am using an old Logitech Performance MX, like the fore-fore-fore-forerunner of this mouse in the video. Man, I still love my mouse today!!!! I can spend a whole week still playing without a cable and it is recharged incredibly fast. The light starts flashing indicating it has low batteries and it is easy to hook up. The wire less usb transmitter works FLAWLESS !!!!! And I am talking about a 5 year old mouse !!!!! It fell to the floor at least 10x, still works flawless. Try that with a Razor!!! Man, this is some prime Swiss quality stuff right there! I am going to get the 700, thx for the video.

  • Some guy bitching that he can't sit on his scruffy, skinny arse playing games for longer than 8 hours in one go, too bone idle to reach for the usb cable a few  feet away. He must be a right stinky meth!
     You can use the extension cable for the charger you tramp oh and look his name is Scrubber!@ScrubberDash

  • Download the mac software here:

  • left click is double-clicking occasionally when I hit once. I sent to the service twice. but they told nothing wrong with the device! Fck this sht! And battery does not stand for just one single day! At the end? I crumbled this idiot thing under my feet, and decided not to buy any mouse from logitech!

  • Mouse can be used on MAC computers. I have macbook and I play CS-GO on it.
    It can be used with wi-fi sticker at the same time. it can be used with cable at all times and it doesn't hurt the mouse. it will be always charged. mouse is great and very comfortable. 

  • what would happen if you have the wire in charging the bat all the time? will the bat break at some point in time?

  • First of all, sorry about my english.

    Can you please tell me the dimensions of the mouse? i just can't find it on the internet.

    thank you.

  • When its being use via CABLE, does it still uses wi-fi to operate? Im wondering if i can use it in "cable only mode". I like the mouse but not the wireless conection.

  • I own Performance mouse MX and I'm very happy with it, been using is for 3 years now and it's still working like the first day 🙂 (I didn't even change the battery it came with).. now I'm planning to get this g700 because it has more buttons so it's suits me better. Anyway, Logitech make great mice so whatever you choose you'll be ok 🙂 The only I don't like about the g700 is the fact that it doesn't use the unifying receiver. I've also a logitech keyboard so now I'll have 2 different receivers.

  • Hey i do mostly AutoCAD, Revit etc and some light gaming… Perfomance mouse MX or G700? Please give me some advice

  • Why? I've been a PC video editor for over 15 years and with the newest Adobe software it's really really good.

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