October 17, 2020

Logitech Z313 25 w 2.1 Speaker System Overview – Newegg TV

| Speakers:
sku: 36-121-034

Fill any bedroom, living room or dorm room with great sound using the Logitech Z313 2.1 speaker system. This compact setup is an economical way to add more punch to your video games or MP3s, without needing a lot of real estate for installation.

The two wired satellites feature a sleek, contemporary design that will look great with any computer or personal entertainment center. The subwoofer offers a elegant slim design that will fit most configurations and adds enough boom to bring your music, games and videos to life. You’ll feel every explosion and never miss a beat again.

For your convenience, the speaker controls are placed on a wired pod that sits discretely on your desk or tabletop. It features a large volume control dial and inputs for a headphone, which are perfect for voice over IP setups. Add rich, full sound to your audio lifestyle with this elegant 2.1 speaker system today

Logitech Z313 25 w 2.1 Speaker System


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Presenter: Steve
Producer: Lam
Camera: Paul
Post-Production: Anna

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  • Hi! I have those speakers, and my sub-woofer doesn't work… All the cables are connected correctly, all the drivers are updated. The sound is loud and clear from the satellites speakers, but nothing comes out from the sub-woofer =( I can feel it shake just a little bit only. When I open the sound mixer, if I turn off the left and right satellite speakers, there is no sound at all. If I go to settings and test the sounds 2.1 (or even 5.1), when it tests the subwoofer, no sound comes out of it. Do you know what I can do to fix it please? My system is Windows 10.

  • control pod doesn't show power light even tho it's "on" position – can't get 1 of the speakers to work

  • mine dont even work when i turn the speakers on the left speaker makes a loud static noise are they broken? i bought them brand new.

  • On the advice of a friend I upgraded my TV speakers to the Z313's. I'm not big on TV watching so sound bars or large (expensive) speakers ain't necessary. I do listen to music and have full range Ohm Acoustics and EPI speakers in my hifi system. These Z313's are great, especially for the price of $29.99 I paid. You mention the satellites as having a frequency response of 48-20khz +/-3dB. You don't mention the range of the sub. The graph you show is a bit ragged below 50hz. So, just how deep (+/-3dB) does the sub go???? As I'm very satisfied with the sound this question is really just academic. Nice informative video. One last thought, the satellites are 2.75" drivers which make for pretty lousy dispersion of high frequencies. However this does not seem to "pan out" in the listening of the Z313's.

  • Great video! Thanks for this. Can you do this type of test for other speakers for computers, including ones from Bose, Harman Kardon, Bowers & Wilkins.

  • i was originally buying the z333 speakers, but the website was dodgy and ended up selling me the z313's. not sure which one is better so i am just trying to make myself feel better. i wanted speakers for sound and mainly the volume. are these speakers loud?

  • LOL, that's actually a FAR better frequency graph than 90% of BOSE products can reach. "All highs, no lows…MUST be BOSE!"

  • love them! good for gaming, youtubing and plugging my phone to for music. bass is great for cinematic feel and music. yes there is no bass control and it does have to much bass at times but I like bass, you just need to lower the volume. also the bass doesn't really leave your room. THEY ARE NOT 12 inch car woofers, so yeah don't use them like that.

  • I have this + surround sound speakers and omfg so much bass and it's so loud great combo 😂😂😂

  • can I plug these into my HP monitor or the HP pavilion amd a8 series desktop? srry I don't know what this plugs into cuz I'm sort of new to this stuff. please someone let me know if they will be compatible for my computer or monitor if that's where u plug them in

  • Anybody recommend these for rap and house music production? I use a lot of heavy bass, how will these work?

  • you know what? don't get these. I had these.. The frequency response graph he showed… i had to mention there's huge 15db difference between different parts of the frequencies. It's all over the place it's not accurate. Warned, don't get it. Get a bookshelf from Dayton it's same price but you'll have to get an amplifier and wires. Worth it though.

  • Should i take Log.z333 or these pair of speakers ??.I'm asking because i've heard many different oppinions…Log z333 are lacking in bass (is it true ?), but except for that they are the best value/money and strong enough to fill more than a room.

    On the other hand, these are more economic with a great subwoofer as it is said but will they be ok if i want to max them ?? (25 watts isn't enough i think) .(i listen more rock,blues,soul,funk,jazz …this kind of music)

  • I had these speaker for a 2 months, the worked great! Until they just stopped working for no reason. I didnt use them everyday, I only connected them to my desktop computer. Not sure why they stopped, but theyre just done

  • Thanks mate i know sounds silly but had a problem with the connection and your video helped me to sort it out

  • I Have these and there amazing for the price for only 25 watt they produce major bass and you can play music with almost anything

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