September 16, 2020

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Review | Tech Man Pat

Bring your favourite entertainment to life with this Z906 Speaker System from Logitech. Their incredible sound quality allows you to enjoy multimedia the way it was meant to be heard, and the digital console control is incredibly easy to use so you can edit your settings on the fly for optimal results.

$397 @Harvey Norman

$509 @PLE Website

$549 @Logitech Website

Enjoy bold sound and exceptional detail from all your favourite multimedia thanks to these 500-watt THX-Certified speakers with 5.1 digital decoding.

Maximise your audio experience by controlling it down to the last detail thanks to the wireless remote and easy-to-use digital console control of these speakers.

Thanks to the extra room for components these speakers provide, you can connect up to 6* devices at once for easy access to all your media.

*Pretty sure its 5…

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  • THX is an audio standard that guarantees specific minimum sound compression levels in several frequency bands across the spectrum. Build quality is only important because junk cannot adhere to the standard, the quality of the engineering and materials needed to meet the requirements, is more of an after effect. THX's standard focuses on sound measurements that are geared toward grading and assuring a sound system's ability to reproduce realistic sound.

  • I'm an idiot and new to this, it says it works with aux on the box but when I plug it into either green, orange or black it only plays out the front, back or middle. If I plug it into the others nothing happens..

    So which port do I use for aux so that all the speakers work?

  • Logi needs to be back in the game. They seriously need a new upgrade.
    They need to bring back the 10"sub or same as this but with higher quality.
    Dual center satellites. And newer codecs.

  • THX certification means low distortion and a sub filter for 80 hz that would boost those frequencies under 80 hz by 10 dB. Also the main vocal speakers are coaxial which will give you a more precise sound waves then having the mids and tweeter seperated. This is good for any content. It gives more realism

  • Hi Pat,

    Need to know if I am doing the right thing here..

    Please check out my OLD SETUP in 12 years ago.. LOGITECH Z680.

    EXTERNAL Creative G6 32 BIT DAC.. Connecting via Optical out .. Got 16 gauge wires to replace z906 wires provided…Will connecting with OPTICAL OUT
    from DAC to the woofer

    These are the products will immerse you completely with Gaming and MOvies with LOGITECH Z906

    External Creative G6 connecting with BELKIN Optical connector–29-102-103–Product

    Replacing LOGITECH wire with COPPER wires from AMAZON..

    Need your advice if I have done the right things.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • THX is a build quality certification, not an audio certification (unlike Dolby or DTS which are audio standards).

  • patrick thanks for fast reply please made video on soon as possible on amazon echo studio with sony hd audio streaming and also review in it about dolby atmos playback experience and and also used echo studio with window 10 and use some pirated copy of movie from torrent with 5.1 channel audio. i will waiting for your video with amazon echo studio . i like and subscribe to you

  • hello patrick i am planing to buy this but want to know (1) it give full dolby atmos experience? (2)does it required bluyray genuine movies orwork with torrent 5.1 channel movies? and (3)i am also confuse with amazon echo studio dolby atmos which one is great out of 2. echo studio yet not lunched but its price very high in india. please suggest me. logitech z623 vs echo studio

  • use the optical option for best results….dolby and dts is mega awesome……..yes yes cant compare to kilpsch or jamo or KEF but for the price point….he he he….it can really do some awakening in the night….if you wanna be adventurous try an optical splitter and get two 2nd hand systems…..that would mean 5.2 for under $500………my land lord is going to evict me…….coz am just looking for a cheap second system

  • Playing through Deadspace again with these speakers is an awesome experience, so much atmosphere! I just bought another set for my TV for movies and it is also great for playing any video with a 5.1 soundtrack (which is most DVDs and Blurays). Mount the rear speakers above ear level tilted slightly downwards and increase the volume of the rear speakers for the best effect. Music is great with these also. Under all circumstances the bass is incredible and generally after you've enjoyed the full EXTREME BASS TEST, you'll want to back it right back to about 1/3 of the bass vol otherwise it's overwhelming for long periods. I payed under £150 for each set, which is great value. Oh and BTW the screw size you need for mounting the satellites is 1/4 UNC thread, 1/2 inch long.

  • $255 on sale at amazon. coulnd't pass that up, since my z5500 control panel finally took a shit and i am missing my remote. it's time for a new system anyway and the sale price is just too good. the dual optical output is what sold me on this. it's just a shame logitech went down in quality a bit with these vs the z5500's. if you already have the z5500's i do NOT recommend these at full price.. wait until they are on sale or get them now while they are $255 on amazon.

  • My old Z-5500 died and I couldn't find anyone that fixes amplifiers so ended up buying a set of the Z-906 at $425 AU but I will still use my old Z-5500 satellite speakers because that throw out more power than the Z-906 ones

  • Hey Mate,
    How you managed cable connection Rear speakers <-> PC?
    is there any chance to make them wireless?
    I'm affraid I will destroy cables by my chair (wheels)

  • THX certification means that this surround system (at the hardware level, the speaker drivers themselves) can faithfully reproduce what the movie or music sound engineer intended to sound like. Now with the ability to decode sound formats such as DTS and Dolby (amplifier level), you'll hear DTS and Dolby sounds as intended. There are many DTS and Dolby decoding capable AV amplifiers – that's nice – but you'll have to partner it with very high quality speakers to truly hear what the movie was intended to sound like. You can build you self one, but you will most likely over or under configure some parameters, so you'll need a reference or a standard to build a well configured system. Thank goodness for THX certification, that calibration and rigorous quality testing is all done for you. So having a THX certified system guarantees you that you'll hear the best sounding configuration for a given system.
    It's not marketing. 🙂

  • I just purchased the z906 speakers. Could someone please give me a link to some nice speaker stands? Thanks in advance.

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