October 16, 2020

Logitech z906 5.1 Surround Sound THX – In Depth Review – Unboxing


Wall Mounting Option:

The Logitech Z906 is a THX certified 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound speaker system that converts any room into your personal home theater. You hear everything from the rustling of leaves to approaching footsteps and tire squeals the way it was meant to be heard.

Immerse yourself in a theater-quality audio experience in the comfort of your home from this 5.1 speaker system. 1000 Watts peak/500 Watts RMS power delivers powerful surround sound that is THX Certified to bring you a premium audio experience as well as designed to decode Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks for premium movie and music playback.


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  • I miss the THX sound scape before films play. I'm into surround, but I'm waiting for Dolby Digital to drop something…..Nice review mate!

  • RMS = root mean square power is the continous power a speaker system can handle without suffering damage to speaker coils or components on the amp in this case, the PEAK power, wich is the maximum the sound system can handle (including amps and speakers) on short bursts like Bass beats for example.. writing PEAK power on the component's boxes is the common way to promote speakers on the market, meaning if you read big fat 200 watt on a speaker box it most probably has 100 or less watt RMS depending on the quality of the speaker or amp itself, same for amp advertising.. nobody at Logitech is trying to cheat you by writing 1000W on the box, as it is the usual way to promote sound systems (by it's PEAK power). Logitech probably never answerd thinking "this guy makes reviews and doesn't even know what he s talking about" .. at the end it is standard to say that PEAK power is double it's RMS capabilities talking about amps and speakers. that's why you couple a Woofer/subwoofer (it mostly works on bursts or bass beats, call them as u want) having lower RMS power with a higher power midrange/tweeter (that works continously) on a 2/3 way system.. (this has 165 watts on the subwoofer and 335 on satelites) Hope you read this. Greetings

  • Man I just got this speakers today because of your review, much love bro. Got one question though, what is the best way to connect it to my PC for highest quality possible? The cables which came with it or fiber optic cable?

  • What do recommend the best connection for sound that's available on this system? I connect It to my lap top using 3.5mm but Is there an hdmi (Laptop) that can attach to any of the inputs on the back of the main council?

  • For my gaming room i use logitech z906 speaker system but replace the front 3 speakers with B&W MT1 Speakers and 2 Boston Acoustics rear speakers ….looking for a 7.1 sound system that can hook up to my consoles

  • I own the Z906 for almost 4 years now and can say, it is still as good as on the first day.
    I haven´t had any problems with it so far.

    Would definitely recommend it every time. Great sound. Great durability, great control.
    The remote control is "only" IR, but i´ve never seen such a good IR-Sensor. No matter which direction you are pointing, it will recognize it almost every time. Also, the haptic feedback of the remote control is really nice, even after years of use.
    The System is capable of throwing heavy bass at you, down to around 40 Hz perfectly clean. Trust me. It is enough bass for you, even though the subwoofer is quite small.
    The maximum volume is really high. If i want to listen to music loudly, I set it to around 65% volume.
    For watching movies in 5.1 Surround, the center speaker sounds a little cold, when listening to male voices (compared to big Hi-Fi speakers). But it is still a great experience!
    All in all, I can only recommend this sound system, especially for the price!

  • Enjoyed the presentation of your video. And I have a question I think you could answer for me, on the console’s side input jack can I use a mono jack there or do you have to use a stereo jack? Thank you

  • If any of you has any doubts about this system, let me give me some information that might help you make a decision. (I live in an apartment on the 4th floor)
    – The subwoofer on medim power and overall volume on almost max. power shakes the furniture not only in my apartment, but in the neighbours above and below me. I am actually afraid to put the bass at full power because it will literally break my windows in my room.
    – The speakers are really well balanced in terms of sound quality (there's no need for a tweeter really) and on max volume, they are REALLY LOUD! There's 0 distortion in the sound at max as well, which is something that impressed me quite a bit.
    – Took me a while to understand, but if you're gonna use this on a PC, make sure you set up the speaker configuration to 5.1 in the windows settings. THEN, if you're not watching a movie, use the 4.1 effect on the console (basically remove the center speaker only) for a daily use. When you decide to watch a movie, remove all effects for a true 5.1 experience!

    All in all if you are looking for an AWESOME surround system and something that is not super expensive, there's literally nothing better than the Z906 at the moment!

  • 2 years of owning these, the only thing that has changed is my Neighbors lol. These things still can rattle the windows with perfect clarity.

  • Rodrrico can you tell me how long the cables are ? Do I have to put them near the sub woofer or can I spread them in the whole room? Thanks.

  • @rodrrico … If you're a decent audiophile, please, put together a modular, decent, 2.1 receiver with Polk speakers, for about $300. (Or, something.) And, since I have been out of music forever, is it a good choice to have a receiver with a CD/DVD? The only thing I have to play music is my computer, with worn out 2.1 speakers. I want to listen to CD's (?) without my computer. Man, I am really not informed anymore, at all. I really want a 2.1 modular system that I can upgrade to a 5.1, and to play movies and music, with the video going to my Asus PG279 2560×1440 monitor. I just built a new computer, but I used a medium card, GTX 1660 Super. I am buying a new monitor and 2 new graphics cards when the new Nvidia 3xxx series comes out. The new monitor will probably be a 3440×1440. Unless, a super ultra wide comes out that I cannot turn away from, for gaming.

    To confuse things a little more, I want, at least, a soundbar that I can connect to the second computer on my desk, that I remote to. Would that be a good option to use to build on a modular 2.1 (to 5.1) system? If not, I guess I can get something cheap, like Pebbles.

    Ugh! What a mess. And no, I am not lazy. I have been researching and shopping. That is why I was leaning towards affordable for performance (?) Polk's.

    (I'm in the USA.)

  • Je veux acheter ces haut-parleurs z-906. Mais j'ai vu beaucoup de plaintes selon lesquelles ils échouent et ne peuvent pas être réparés. Ils meurent simplement et soupçonnent généralement que cela vient de surtensions. et hautes fréquences?

  • Id love someone to some day explain in more Detail what the difference between Speakers really is. In my studies I learned that many subtle differences in tone you cant really hear anymore from a certain age anyway. And then there is the issue of just not liking certain Kinds of Sound signitatures. I bought 80 DOllar Sennheiser Earphones because I was told the brand was specialized in Speakers and made a solid Sound… I hated that undynamic, thin, scattered Sound they made.. and rarely used them. Now I use my 27 Dollar Sony In Ears again, bc I just click with them… In the same way I remember Always loving the Sound from logitech Speakers.. even 12 years ago.. I know Im gonna love These again.. The clarity, the bass, the dynamic, even the classic look. Good Job btw !

  • I had an old and I mean very old Yamaha speaker system and decide to replace it with the 906. Thing is kept using the old Yama for several years but bought 906 several years before replacing them. When I move into a newer house I decided to make the change. Anyway I got it all set up and was working fine I was able to adjust sound levels for all of the speakers,. Then after a few days getting use to the system I wanted to make more adjustments and all of a sudden I could not adjust the rear speakers ?? I would go through them but it just skipped those and all the speakers would light up, no rear speakers alone to adjust. Now 2 days later the same thing but with the front speakers. I know this is an old post ans I hope someone out there will hear me begging for help:)

  • It doesn't break the bank, but it does break the subwoofer.
    The sub lasted for just under two years before it went caput after installing windows 10 from windows 7 in december 2019!

  • This thing came out forever ago and it's crazy that it's still worth it today. I sold mine years ago and I miss is so much that I'm planning on purchasing it again. Can't beat it for the price, makes gaming and movies so much better than a frickin' soundbar

  • I bought these couple of months ago and they are freaking fantastic. Playing games or listening to music i discovered sounds i never heard before. Such a great buy.

  • There is no external heatsink because it uses a switch mode power supply instead of a regular transformer and class D amplification instead of the regular class AB. This makes it very efficient but doesn't have the same quality as the previous analog stuff..

  • To answer your question "I dont know how will sub get rid of generated heat without external heatsink" .
    The answer is:
    1. -this is a Class D (switching type AMP) . Switching type AMPs generate much less heat than AB class used before
    2. Any heat generated will be expelled via bass reflex port. They are using WOOFER air pressure movement/ bass reflex tube to do air exchange. But if you open the sub and let it run with subwoofer OUTSIDE the enclosure, then you have a problem.
    I know some idiot that connected 12 inch subwoofer from the car in its own box, he simply disconected wires from logitech sub and extended them with aftermarket speaker wire, and insulated connection with electrical tape. -mossfets of his unit fried because of overheating lol. I mean it is doable if you cool the internal heatsink with a fan, othervise be warned.

  • Two questions. One of them regarding the heat inside the subwoofer. It gets very hot in my country these years. There is one report from a user that had his/her subwoofer that caught fire. Is this an issue from the user, perhaps it was a bunch of dust inside it. However, how do you think it will hold up regarding heat?

    The second question, does this "controller-unit" have an option to increase/decrease the bass strenght? I might have missed that one in the video.

  • Im currently on a 2.1 studio setup for gaming, music and movies, is this an upgrade? Or are there better 5.1 speakers for around this price range of the z906? Or is it better to get 5.1 with an av receiver?

  • The Z906 is not Logitechs latest offering. I have that speaker set for at least seven years. The sound isn't that impressive with the speaker either.

  • i think i no what peak 1000w means. turn everything up to the loudest, maybe it is 1000w, but youll wreck it. The 500w RMS is what it can do without damage to the speakers. thats what ive got from looking into sites about audio. peak is 1000w

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