September 25, 2020

Low Profile Done RIGHT! Logitech MX Keys Review

The Logitech MX Keys isn’t anything like the gaming keyboards we’re used to reviewing. Rather, this wireless low profile keyboard is all about being the best in productivity, including cool features and amazing battery life.

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Logitech MX Keys:
Logitech MX Palm Rest:
Logitech MX Master 3:
Logitech Craft:

Cooler Master MM710:

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Review unit provided free of charge by Logitech. This video is sponsored by Cooler Master. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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  • I bought the MX Keys after watching your video and I LOVE IT. It's a joy to type on this keyboard. Its really sturdy as well. Hope they make an ergonomic version of the keyboard

  • Thanks for posting good review. Can the mouse and keyboard connect via Bluetooth without using the dongle? How good is the range and stability of connection?

  • Thanks. I’ve purchased this for my MacBook and PC Laptop as I work on them at the same time and have Logitech Flow already for my MX Ergo

  • I know this isn't exactly Chyrosran but a more in-depth look at the switches themselves would have been greatly appreciated. Are they using the same old scissor switches we've had on laptops for decades or have they made some tweaks? $100 is Topre money and you'd have to /really/ want that low profile to justify going with this over a Majestouch in the rubber dome segment.

  • I have one of these and I did notice that i was typing way fast than my cherry MX REDs and BLUES even Blacks the travel distance is the main reason why , but in terms of feel i would say a 65g brown is the feeling the tactile bump is felt when you bottom out its honestly not bad at all. The pairing is seamless i have my iPhone and both my Surface and mac book paired 1 press of a button and I'm on the other device, i have typed on this keyboard for hours and felt no fatigue and that's with out a the "apple pulling" wrist rest, its as thin as an iphone 11 pro , samsung galaxy s8 and above for comparison of course that the thinnest point, you can game on this wired of course bluetooth is way to slow for gaming, i did some CS:GO and COD warzone without issues

  • If you don't have the OS installed or you need to access the BIOS or type the bitlocker password, does it work having the receiver plugged in or connect with bluetooth?

  • i have the mx keys and mx mouse since 4 months now and im really satisfied with my purchase. the only thing i noticed sometimes i have some lags with mouse and keyboard maybe this comes from using only one unifiying receiver for mouse and keyboard

  • Question! If I switch devices on the keyboard using the dedicated device keys does the MX Master 3 Mouse also switch to that device? I don't need to move the mouse to different screens and copy files but I do switch between a couple machines very frequently.

  • Returning Lenovo Thinkpad USB keyboard since a discount for this came up, and Thinkpad was kind of a letdown for me. Logitech arrives tomorrow, really hope I will be satisfied.

  • What keyboard do you recommend to use with MacBook Pro? Don’t like the Apple keyboard looking for alternatives.

  • Enjoyed this review! You talked about all the points I would like a reviewer to discuss, although I would have liked it if you could explain what on earth the lock symbol is for near the top right of the keyboard.

  • Informative video! But am I the only person who is being bothered because the voice seems to be of a different person?

  • I actually just purchased, the MX Keys along with the MX Master 3. I own an MX Master 1 and I love my experience, now the wife is taking over the MX Master and I can't stand the trackpad on the laptop. I will also appreciate less noise emitted by the keystrokes. I also have a bad feeling that the wife is going to take over the keyboard but I will seat back and wait… I also needed to point out my job provided me with a credit and that's why I am getting it otherwise i wouldn't have spent the money.

  • GREAT review! Thank you. I'm looking to buy a new keyboard/mouse combo and this review really helped me out. I'm curious, since you released this video, are there any newer keyboard/mouses that you would recommend?? Or would you still recommend this one? I'll be using it for day to day work tasks (no gaming).

  • Can you set certain keys to COPY and PASTE instead of using Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v? Microsoft's keyboards have that option.

  • I have this set up, KB and mouse, and I use a Mac Pro on one screen and a PC workstation on the other. The Logitech flow and built in ability to go between systems and copy and paste as well is awesome. I got them after seeing this review and found it is exactly what I wanted but did not know existed.

  • i want to see this tenkeyless. we need more tenkeyless keyboards, period. why only mechanical offer good tkl?

  • Logitech tried to go the route of Apple with this one: "We know better than you what you need, so this is what you need." No, I need an adjustable height because everybody has different wrist and fingers. Also doesn't look like you can service the batteries; so again, no buy. We all know what's beneath the hood: probably some generic rechargeable batteries you can easily replace or a battery pack that can be purchased online by a manufacturer who probably sourced them for Logitech. The battery on this will wear out before the keyboard itself does and it'll just be another statistic in our landfills.

  • If you set the keyboard up in windows with the Logitech software then plugged the keyboard into Linux would the keyboard still remember the setup which you did in windows?

  • Thanks for this review! Very informative. I came here after seeing some renders/photos on the Logitech website that show the Enter key configured differently, spanning where backslash should be and cut thinner on the lower row to accommodate putting backslash there. I looked at that and thought "ohhhh noo, why would they do this??" But after double-checking the rest of the page and watching this review, it seems that must have been a design they (rightfully) nixed. Thaaank goodness!

    Anyway, this keyboard looks fantastic and the video was helpful and well-made.

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