October 17, 2020

NEW Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent – unboxing

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent – unboxing

As the title of the video says, it is only unboxing of the mouse. No tests were made in this video.

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  • Since the video didn't have a sound test (which is the whole point of the product's design)
    I'm leaving this for the others who might go to this video :
    The left and right click are super slient.
    The middle click (mouse wheel as button) has a fair sound ,
    Mouse scroll has fair sound,
    the pairing button is loud , back and forward buttons are very loud.

    It comes with a unifying adapter (proprietary tech by logitech for all logitech devices) and a single aa battery which is supposed to last for 8 months (documentation says 2 years)

  • Does the green light on the top of the mouse keep on flashing all the time? Doesn't it disturb when working in dark conditions? (assuming my hand is not always on the mouse to hide this light?)

  • this guy is stupid how didnt he clicked on the mouse? i think everybody came for the specific click but he refuses to click it ROFL

  • I have this mouse actually 2 of these but having a weird situation. I plug the wireless receiver in my laptop and also use headphones with my laptop. Sometimes I hear some radio channels in my headphones. I believe the reciever is picking up signals. The sound of the radio is very very quiet. I've noticed couple of times. Someone was speaking in my headphones like a news channel or something. Anyone knows how to fix it? I know it's weird.

  • is there any way that the middle button can be used as middle button ?
    i mean the button to switch computers, which is at the place where other logitech mice have the middle button.
    i just can not get used to press the wheel

  • I absolutely hate that sort of packaging. For this case, you said it was easy to open, but in most cases, it is not easily openable, and you must use scissors or knives. Even then, it is not easily openable, and I have hurt my hand multiple times with the sharp cut plastic edges. Why don't companies just use simple paper box? They are recyclable and easy to open.

  • I bought one,one month later the voice of left button became strange loud, then I send it back to repair, the Logitech told me to wait 15-30 days, now I can say Logitech has a garbage service. Maybe also has a garbage quality.

  • Why so many downvotes? This video happend to be the exact amount of detail (not to much, not too sparse) I wanted right now… Thumbs up.

  • Does it have a middle click, to be used in applications like Blender, 3DS Max & Maya for 3D Navigation Controls

  • Mini tripod on something wheeled, for a smooth camera pan. I personally, had no desire to hear an inaudible sound, thumbs up for showing a packaged, state of the art product

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