January 14, 2021

Pac-Man World 3 [44] 100% GameCube Longplay

Pac-Man World 3 is a 2005 3-d platformer that commemorates the 25th anniversary of Pac-Man. This is a 100% longplay of the game. I found every fruit, silver trophy, collectible card, and galaxian in each of the stages. (Time Codes Are Below)

This Longplay was requested by: “RashadGamer241blaze”

0:00:58 – Intro
0:03:16 – Bot Boneyard
0:16:26 – Banni Wasteland
0:33:50 – The Spectral Cliffs
0:57:42 – Gogekka Central
1:25:12 – The Spectral Vale
1:58:08 – Zephyr Heights
2:29:30 – Boss: Gigatron
2:41:02 – Ancient Catacombs
3:07:55 – Gogekka Heights
3:41:04 – Banni Canyon
4:02:55 – Toc-Man Battle
4:07:56 – Cragstone Bridge
4:51:11 – Erwin’s Fortress
5:23:07 – Dungen Gunden
5:59:18 – The Spectral Zenith
6:33:16 – Shadow Temple
6:41:06 – Final boss: Teradecahydratron
6:51:19 – Ending
6:55:40 – Credits

Nguồn: https://landzone.net

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  • Of course this video would have to use the best screenshot of the game for its thumbnail:

    "Details of my sector's energy should be between me and Ms. Pac, thank you very much."

  • 13:20 if it's your home too then why are you so antsy about it!?
    57:31 you're not serious about that..
    1:29:16 feel old yet pac?
    1:37:28 nobody likes a salty ghost…
    2:01:45 mazing around
    2:24:53 ahhh the classic joke
    2:34:28 just how stupid can you be Erwin!?
    2:35:44 i never made it this far tbh
    2:44:22 oh boy
    2:53:01 ahh nothing better than an explosion afterwards!
    3:00:06 are you sure about that!?
    3:10:35 wow helpful
    3:15:59 welp
    3:19:01 Waka Waka
    3:20:43 guess this is gonna be firey
    3:25:03 the reason I put this so I don't lose track..
    3:27:57 and now we just need better music
    3:47:21 fus ro dah!
    3:52:28 again YouTube might make me lose track
    3:53:15 it had to be the spectral monsters!
    3:54:49 ok It's official… I gotta get a copy of this game
    4:11:39 again….
    4:14:48 ahhh yeeahh
    4:19:18 it's amazing what distance you can go to
    4:25:24 yet another point I rather save up
    4:28:16 lmao
    4:33:33 oranges
    4:37:27 one small rev roll jump at a time
    4:57:26 now we're getting somewhere
    5:01:03 wow now that's a view
    5:06:03 imagine a meme put here
    5:10:46 again
    5:36:49 eh
    5:40:36 just to keep track
    5:47:43 I'm going to just continue from this
    5:50:22 so many failures
    5:51:09 again
    6:14:27 ookayy
    6:17:37 yep it's that bad
    6:19:19 again
    6:25:56 welp
    6:44:18 the last fight

  • One of my favourite things about this game is that we can explore the relationship between pacman and the ghosts/other characters and they don't completely hate one another. It still doesn't compare at all to pacman world 2 but nonetheless it's a great game.

  • To those who are after the cards, I figured out how to precisely get every single one in the game. Before I begin, I want to thank Angel Tirado, for giving me precious information from the Official Strategy Guide, and LuisParson for making this not always correct but still helpful list in the description. Without you two, making this list wouldn't be possible.
    Note 1: with the exception of the level cards (Bot Boneyard, Banni Wastelands, etc) and Concept Art 3-7, you can't get the cards through the Level Select and need to NOT load a save file upon booting up the game and then start a New Game (yes, you need to collect all of the cards again to get them all if you've missed any that are not the above)
    Note 2: The High Scores are shared between files, so your name will still be on it even if you don't load a save file, however that doesn't stop you from getting the cards that require you to get a place in the High Score (it doesn't have to be 1st, it will count as long as you achieve position 1-10)

    -Level Cards (Bot Boneyard, Banni Wastelands, etc): get the collector card in the respective level.
    -Orson: collect all of the fruits until Spectral Zenyth
    -Concept Art 1: get all silver statues in the game
    -Concept Art 2: collect all galaxians until Dungen Gunden
    -Concept Art 3: collect 20 Chrome Pellets (I do mean collect and not "kill so many enemies", and it will only count if you save after doing so)
    -Concept Art 4: collect 40 Electo-Shock Pellets
    -Concept Art 5: collect 60 Regular Pellets
    -Concept Art 6: collect 40 Riboon-Loop Pellets
    -Concept Art 7: collect 50 Super Stomp Pellets
    -Armalope: High Score in Bot Boneyard
    -Spiked Armalope: High Score in Banni Wastelands
    -Snitterling: High Score in Spectral Cliffs
    -Lummox: High Score in Gokekka Central
    -Mech Lummox: High Score in Spectral Vale
    -Bomb-a-Tron: High Score in Zephyr Heights
    -K-Tron: High Score in Ancient Catacombs
    -Girotron: High Score in Gokekka Heights
    -Mutonians: High Score in Banni Canyon
    -Ancient Defender: High Score in Cragstone Bridge
    -Blinky: High Score in Erwin's Fortress
    -Inky: High Score in Dungen Gunden
    -Pinky: High Score in Spectral Zenyth
    -Clyde: High Score in Shadow Temple
    -Pac-Dot Chain/Toc-Man: clear Banni Wastelands
    -Spectral Fiend: clear Spectral Cliffs
    -Boss 1: clear Zephyr Heights
    -Robo Tank 1/Robo Tank 2: clear Toc-Man Battle
    -Spectral Syphon: clear Spectral Zenyth
    -Pac-Man Junior/Ms. Pac-Man/Boss 2: clear Shadow Temple
    -Pac-Man: silver statues in Bot Boneyard
    -Propaganda Poster 1: silver statues in Banni Wastelands
    -Spectral Hunter: silver statues in Spectral Cliffs
    -Construction Worker: silver statues in Gokekka Central
    -Spectral Sneaker: silver statues in Spectral Vale
    -Propaganda Poster 4: silver statues in Zephyr Heights
    -Archeologist: silver statues in Ancient Catacombs
    -Propaganda Poster 3: silver statues in Banni Canyon
    -Pac-Village: silver statues in Cragstone Bridge
    -Propaganda Poster 2: silver statues in Erwin's Fortress
    -Ancient Hero: silver statues in Dungen Gunden
    -Spectral Spitter: silver statues in Spectral Zenyth
    -Pac-Man Statue/Erwin: silver statues in Shadow Temple

    Extra Note: if you have any doubts, feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer it in the most objective way possible. Also, if you thought this guide was useful, please leave a like so other people can see this.

  • This man deadass got married and had a kid before he turned 25

    I'm almost 23 and I haven't even gotten laid once….

    Pac Man's a fucking Chad

  • I did buy this game in a ps2 pack along with PACMAN WORLD 2 AND PACMAN WORLD RALLY and get this I beat PACMAN WORLDS 2 and 3 on the ps2 lol

  • GASP! Pac-Man's voice in this game was voiced by none other than Martin T. Sherman, the voice of Thomas(Thomas and Friends, before Joseph May took over as) and Spider-Man(Lego Marvel Superheroes 2)! No wonder he sounded so familiar! ;D

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