October 18, 2020

Paradise Cave in Phong Nha from Dong Hoi- Vietnam Travel Vlog

Our main reason for riding to Dong Hoi was to use it as a base to visit a couple of the caves in Phong Nha National Park, specifically Paradise Cave and Dark Cave.
We were originally going to ride to the caves ourselves but after a day and night of rain and reading about the condition of the roads out there, we decided to cough up the extra dollars and book a tour…We are honestly so glad we did.

We went with a company called Tour to the Caves which was recommend by and booked through our hostel, Au Lac bar and Hostel.
We’ll admit we were a little worried at first, but as soon as the van pulled up and our guide Nick greeted us, we were golden!

We had a great day out there and this just some of the footage from our time in Paradise cave.

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We are Leon and Tash, a New Zealand vlogging couple who set off on an amazing Vietnam adventure as fulltime travellers, backpacking Vietnam. But we weren’t going to travel to Vietnam for one of those ordinary backpacking Vietnam trips you hear about everybody doing, where they go for a couple off weeks and check out the beaches or maybe riding through Vietnam at such a crazy pace that they never get off the beaten track. No we want more than that.

Our Vietnam adventures start with learning the way of the locals, taking just enough time to figure out how things work, discover what the “Must see places in Vietnam” are and more importantly where Vietnam’s hidden gems are…

To do this, we moved to Danang Vietnam. The plan was to spend 3 months living in Da Nang, meeting and learning from locals about the culture, the amazing food, their way of living and what places they would recommend to travel in Vietnam.
And because Danang is in the middle of the country, we hoped we might meet other tourists or expats who were having their own Vietnam travel adventure or were at the halfway point of motorcycle riding through Vietnam and hear from them, what places they thought we must visit in Vietnam. Also, as new travel vloggers, having a base there meant we could try things like doing Da Nang Vietnam travel vlog or creating a Danang Vietnam travel guide, before also taking on the stresses of fulltime travel.

Then in month 4, that’s when the real Vietnam adventure begins. With our new list of must see places, we will head to Saigon and buy a couple of motorbikes. to start our Vietnam road trip!
Motorcycle riding through Vietnam seems like one of the most hectic, crazy and chaotic things anyone could do, but we can’t wait!! And we wont be following a simple South to North / Saigon to Hanoi route, we plan on doing more like a figure 8, so that our travel in Vietnam will cover both the inland and coastal areas of this amazing country.
So can we still say we are backpacking Vietnam? Or should we be telling people our travel in Vietnam is a motorcycle trip through Vietnam? We’re not sure, but what we do know is, our Vietnam road trip is going to cover over 6000km’s from Saigon right up to the famous waterfalls of Ban Gioc near Cao Bang, round the northern point of the Ha Giang loop and everything else we can access in between.
So we hope you’ll join us, the New Zealand vlogging couple, on our Vietnam adventure by clicking subscribe to join the Tribe and experience our travel in Vietnam..

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  • Good to see some green there!! That cave is huuugeee!! Next time we see you eating banh mi we'll have to go out to grab some food! haha

  • Looks awesome, can't wait to visit some caves in Phong Nha! Btw – thumbs up for the progress in the editing area, love the look.

  • The cave is huge and impressive. Love all the lighting makes it look outdoors somewhat. Yep that is epic.

  • Love the history lesson, very well preserved, probably pretty popular. from the looks of it, i can almost smell the place, tasty lookin sandwich!

  • when are you back in dis 1. HCMC 6 weeks an i will be there too feb 4th keep the good work up .loving them vid

  • You can’t beat a great cave can you? So much history, as you say going back millions of years! Great vlog guys, don’t know how we missed this video, YT seem to be playing silly so and sos at the moment! Cheers both 👍👍👍😎

  • The start to this video made me hungry. Just as well to get a rude there. So many people parked up for paradise cave. A climb and a half for the cave. Looks great inside though very unique. 100 years to grow omg

  • The caves are magical!! 😃 Definitely worth the money how you guys went about it.

    Leon up to one of his Isolated Living ideas again 😉

  • New to your channel, and first impression, DAMN it's cool to have shirts like you guys have !
    What is it's meaning ? +1 from me, almost 400 subs, keep it up guys !
    Any plans to travel in europe ? 😀
    PS. I feel bad for asking but mind checking out my channel ? If not then that's totally fine ! ;D

  • amazing, we went dark cave at Malaysia, its was amazing. thanks for taking us along. thumbs up!!

  • Crazy facts about the stalagmites! Such amazing history – what an awesome cave system to experience. So pretty too.

  • Bahn mi 😱😍, yes tash grab leons bahn mi too hahah 🤪

    Best buggy ride ever – hypnotizing lol
    500m going up easy! Going down is harder lol 🤣 pressure on knee joints lol

    Wow holy sheet the stairs inside the cave is beautifully lit 😎

  • The breakfast of champions!!! That cave is really amazing!! Great shots!!
    I like the idea of living in a cave, we named our car the "Bat mobile " !lol!!

  • Now we know why our Banh Mi episode did so many views. It's clearly the (not) McDonald's of Vietnam because they look so tasty 🙂 Your episodes are getting better and better! Crazy beautiful caves! Impressive! Really am excited to see your China episodes. Wish we were there to help you out but we're doing the holiday's in the states. Funny, we call our car the Bat Mobile 🙂 Safe travels guys, James and Kim

  • Caves Rock – uh, figuratively as well. Have done Mammoth Cave National Park inn Kentucky and it was a wonderful experience. Nice and cool inside too. Hate to bother you but and you've explored so much of Vietnam, overall impressions? Particularly in regard to long term. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hahahaha that's a lotta stairs 🤣 totally believed tash when she said it was easy. The inside of the caves looks super cool reminds me of waitomo. Thanks for starting the day with a ban mi now I knits what to eat for breakfast 😁👍

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