October 16, 2020

Razer DeathAdder Elite VS Logitech G403 Prodigy

Quick comparison between two great mice (and the wireless G403 as well). It really comes down to personal preference and shape… hand size is probably going to play a bigger part because the DeathAdder feels larger.

The good news is that they’re so good, you can’t go too wrong either way, so maybe check availability and price and let that influence your decision.


Logitech G403 Prodigy
Razer DeathAdder Elite:
Corsair MM300 pad:

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Australia, you can check availability on www.mwave.com.au

Amazon USA:
G403 Wired –
G403 Wireless –
DA Elite USA –

Amazon UK:
G403 Wired –
G403 Wireless –
DA Elite UK – (the Elite isn’t listed at the time of this review, please confirm what you’re buying)


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  • G403 hero is awesome, Razer is trash I went through 5 deathadders with different problems before switching to logitech.

  • Im using G403 from 2 years now and im getting scroll wheel problem recently where it randomly scrolls up when u scroll down and vice versa, many of the game which rely on scroll jump movement like csgo are almost unplayable to me

  • Razer DeathAdder Elite! I tried the G403 out too, it is a DeathAdder replica, nothing else, but no chance against the Original ;). Everyone has different hands. So, if you want to chose a new mouse try several mice out. That's the best way to get not disappointed.

  • I went to the most popular computer store in my country and wanted to buy the razer mouse. The seller said, No, dont buy it. All of them last only a month. So he gave me the logitech g403 and i love it.

  • I have had a razer mamba elite for around a year now and have enjoyed it and now I have picked up a g403 because it was on sale and one question I have is how do your store mice when not in use

  • I'm definitely switching from Deathadder Elite to aeither a Sensei 310 or a Logitech G403. It's insane how amazing this mouse felt for about 7 months before the sensor felt inconsistent and terrible. Disappointed af with this mouse honestly.

  • My over 1 year old deathadder elites back lifts up as I click near the bump on the mouse and I use claw/fingertip

  • Hi, so my husband has 20cm/10cm hands and struggles to find anything remotely good for himself for a mouse would you please suggest something or two rather if that's no bother one for mmo' as he plays a lot of those fps/Moba's. He used a naga for over 6-7 years but it died on him and he tried a few other mice out such as the g502 spectrum and the scimitar pro and both are not doing him any favors. Thank you in advance for any help what's so ever. I didn't know where I should post this but this seemed like an appropriate place.

  • I want a da e shape in my hands its like perfect for me what mouse would u suggest? Id try g703 wireless but my hands not comfortable with it..

  • Deathadder issue – Double Clicking

    Logitech G403 issue – Loose Mouse Wheel and Random Opposite Scrolling of Mouse Wheel

    Choose the least problem my gamer friends

  • Can somebody help me pleaseee..I have the razer deathadder elite but I wanna go wireless the cable is a problem for because it gets stuck to my monitor stand.I can't take my stand off the desk cause its permanent.So I have to go wireless and thinking about getting g703 or 403 (Assuming they are pretty similar).& 703 seems pretty good for my budget and my hand size is 18cm to 18.5.But my main question about 703 is that is the shape good for right handed user.I liked the shape of deathadder but it was too big and felt a bit uncomfortable.How similar are the shapes between a 703 and deathadder (Other than the pointy left and right buttons)?

  • I agree. I think the 403 is much better. I would say I have average size hands and both mice fit my hand well with palm grip.

  • I got the g403 and this shit started letting go of left click when I held it less than a year after owning it. It would also spin out so fucking much. I literally got another one through logitechs warranty plan and it still does both of those things except the frequency is reversed, so it lets go of my click and slightly spins out sometimes. And no it isn't me, because I've tried spraying in every part of the left click area I could, so it's not that Im putting my fingers too close or too far away from my palm, it's literally the mouse. I can't really trust it, but then I wanted to get a Death Adder but people here say it starts double clicking after less than a year so I don't know what to do. If it's just fucking luck that I got TWO mice with identical problems, idk what to even do.

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