September 29, 2020

The Eco-City Being Built In China | Boomtown Asia | Spark

China is booming, but it’s not without cost. Rampant development has taken a heavy toll on the environment whilst a burgeoning population strains resources. If left unchecked the worlds 4th largest country risk the risk of turning toxic at the seams. Now authorities are undertaking a bold experiment – building a sustainable boomtown from scratch that will serve as a blueprint for the rest of China.

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  • Oh dear, oh dear where to begin. Spark, you are a fiasco. The opening of the video stated that they would clean water with a floating filtration system and showed an animated render of some weired thing floating in the air with pipes or something coming down to one of the buildings. Then mid way through another computer render is shown and the voice over declares that they will have this devices that will create a tornado to make wind for the wind turbines showing a square box open at the top with fans inside of it, what the hell are you people smoking? then they declare that the city will generate 6 million kilowatts…. err no that is 6 GW which is 1/6 of the UK usage and you think one city generates and uses that much?

    Spark has to be the worse documentary channel around – hey maybe it's owned by donald trump…..

  • Where is the link to this magic flying water treatment plant tech? I found the tech behind the tornado power plant (spoiler: vaporware), but I can't find anything on the flying thingy.

  • All the solar panels will provide electricity for 5000 houses, while only 1 nuclear power station can provide electricity for up to 6 million houses. No need for large areas to be allocate for these sustainable energy generation.

  • it's okay everybody, China is already taking over Philippines so every ting will be fine. 😀

  • Its impossible for this city to work ..Concrete stone takes in carbon and pollutings the city's in China have so much air poulotins it shortens your life .wearing a mask only prolongs the suffering .it goes into the skin you have a high level of cancer kung diease and so much ..the children born now in China will all have asthmatic problems all their life and this will stop growth and lack of workers . it stinks ….

  • Where is the actual city???
    This is state sponsored wishful thinking. If you want actual sustainable cities look at the transformation of Holland.

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