September 17, 2020

The Most Popular Premium Gaming Mouse | Logitech G Pro Wireless

Let’s look at why the logitech G Pro is the most popular premium gaming mouse on the market today.
Logitech G Pro Here –
Other mice mentioned in this video:
Razer Viper Ultimate –
G603 –
G305 (cheapest lightspeed wireless) –
(White Version) –
G502 –






Early Access & AMA

1 Simple Tier



1. Hifiman Arya –

2. Audeze LCD-X –

3. Massdrop 58X –

4. Koss KSC75 –

5. (Studio Pick) – DT1990 –


1. Massdrop THX 789 –

2. Liquid Spark –


4. (TUBE PICK) – Darkvoice –

5. (Power Pick) –


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  • G pro wireless been out for about year if not more
    Razer Viper Ultimate been out for a couple months
    Bruh moment

  • My top 3 mice. Asus Pugio 2 wireless. Razer Viper Ultimate. Roccat Kain 200. Never used a G Pro but I can’t see why I would. I’ve used a G203 not bad. Logitech uses normal switches that most all mice use. I find it freaking hilarious when people say oh these buttons are way better. No they are all the same. Razer are just about the only company with their own design.

  • I dont like the coating i have dry hands. So i used other mice and left it in my drawer. About 4 months later i ordered some grips and ptfe feet and omg that transformed it into the best experience ever. Im so accurate with this! Sidebuttons for building in fortnite is good.

  • Someone please tell me the name of the song in the beginning of the video. It's the 2nd time this week I've heard it on a YouTube video.

  • I bought the G wolf Hati which is a copy of the G pro wireless shape. I gotta say, the grip is not good for me.

    The mouse is very good for fingertip grip on my end but when I try to palm or claw, it just fatigues my hand. The problem is that the mouse is too skinny or my hand is too wide.

    It feels like I have to squeeze the sides more than normal to get an adequate grip on this mouse. The height of this mouse doesn't work for me either. When I relax my hand on the mouse, it feels like I'm not even holding the majority of the mouse. It's like my hand is forming a dome over the top of the mouse. The way the hump is on the mouse (and my grip) it leaves the left side of my palm in the air. Nothing to rest on.

    The G502 fit my hand very comfortably but it is a bit heavy for my liking. The difference is somewhat with the hump but more to do with the front of the mouse. The front of the G502 is raised much higher than the G pro wireless type front. This way I don't have to dome my hand over the mouse. I regret the purchase. The most important feature is shape and then weight. On this mouse I was going for the selling point of 65 grams and all the positive reviews about its shape. I guess I have a hand/grip type that is not similar to most of the reviews?

  • Lol you're not supposed to use your scroll button like that. You're supposed to tap it to the right with the right side of your index finger which sits on the primary mouse button. This is a mouse for competitive gaming.

  • I got the Razer viper but returned and got the pro, the Razer has a very annoying right side buttons at the location of the pinky makes you click it by mistake a lot.

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