October 17, 2020

The Problem with Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse, Review, Pros and Cons

After months and months of use and trying to get used to the Logitech G502 Hero mouse, there is a major problem with it and this is why I think this mouse is TRASH.

The scroll wheel on the mouse needs gripping! It constantly slips off my fingers when editing, scrolling, and playing games. This is the worst gaming mouse!

There are great features on this mouse, such as the design, the feel on your hands, the adjustments in weight, and accuracy…but all of that doesn’t matter if I cannot simply use the mouse for its scroll wheel, which is one of the most IMPORTANT feature of a mouse.

This is my true review of the Logitech G502 Hero mouse.

Logitech G502 Hero Specs:

Newer version with grip:
G502 Lightspeed:
G903 Lightspeed:

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  • If you guys didn't notice, I made two video reviews on this same Logitech mouse as an experiment and the results are hilarious 🤣 The price drop on this sorry mouse shows how trash it is. Sorry, no longer a fan of Logitech.

  • Had the G502 since 2016 and the scroll wheel has only been an issue in the free scroll setting by over scrolling sometimes. Otherwise it is perfectly fine and I would buy this mouse again.

  • I have rhis mouse for a half year and it some times when i aim in shooters i goes out of zoom while i am holding right klik

  • Personally i have no issue with the scroll wheel. but if that really is your only issue than why dont you just replace the scroll wheel

  • This mouse has the worst scroll wheel i have ever used on any mouse ever, the wheel is big, heavy, loud and gives very poor control.

  • I have the exact same mouse and personally I have not encountered this issue, I think the grip on the scroll wheel is completely fine while I play games.

  • the only problem with this mouse that i have experienced is when i lift my finger off the left click it makes an annoying springy noise. anyone else notice this or is it just my mouse?

  • You called the mouse "a beast" in the first part of the video, then at the end you called it "trash". Plus, it's not that hard to get used to a scroll wheel. Utilize the gaps in the scroll wheel and just place your finger in the middle of the scroll wheel, it's that simple. You shouldn't say the scroll wheel is the only reason why you should not buy it. There's a lot more positives than negatives

  • I have it this day
    but the sensor of it have like a noise when i play csgo
    so anyone can help me??
    i use Zwoie EC2-B for 1 year before and it's a great sensor
    but this G502 Hero have a problem about reading the dpi

  • Lul It's a little bit strange that I speak little English also not so good at listening English. But somehow I managed to know what exactly what you're saying XD.

  • I returned mine because of this single issue, Playing Battlefield I was constantly unintentional switching weapons because I have to put the wheel setting with no "steps", If you put it with steps is so hard to move that your finger will slide because there is no grip. The mouse is absolutely amazing, only this small wheel problem that can be easily resolved by Logitech putting a rubber band on the wheel like 99% of mouses have. If Logitech fix this I will buy it again without a doubt.

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