October 16, 2020

Why Is The Logitech MK270 So Popular?

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A very good question! This combo set has been around for a LONG time now and even had Windows XP drivers when they started shipping!

But something that has been in production for that length of time and is still in production today, must have some awesome features?

Well no, not really there isn’t any one awesome feature that makes this set stand out from the crowd. But the combination of a lot of great features and a really competitive selling price make this combo one of the best selling wireless keyboard and mouse sets on the planet!

Watch the video to find out why I think the MK 270 is so good.

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  • Way too good for £20.00 I've tried it and would very much recommend it, 1 problem though, the keyboard is a couple milliseconds more delayed than the mouse, I'm not saying much input lag as there's practically none, just a quick note.

  • Is this compatible with a Macbook? I don't really need to use those Macbook shortcuts or buttons. Just need to type.

  • Excellent review. I had one for years and just recently purchased a replacement (the previous one suffered some abuse). One thing no one ever mentions in keyboard reviews is the spacing between the groups of function keys ie. the space between F4 and F5 as well as between F8 and F9. It is critical to help orient my fingers when I use those keys but it seems to have disappeared in recent keyboards for what I can only assume are aesthetic and design reasons. I really appreciate that this keyboard hasn't sacrificed that functionality for the sake of fashion. Also, the calculator button is such an underrated button, I simply cannot live without it.

  • I just bought this at the thrift store for $6. The danged receiver by itself may cost me as much as the mouse and keyboard combo! Guess i'll just by a mouse that comes with a nano receiver.

  • Great review. I was searching for other info on the keyboard, specifically the PC Power Off button on the top. I despise that button because I literally use the keyboard on my lap. When I want to get up or I'm done with the keyboard, I usually pick it up w/ my left had to place it on the floor. And that blasted key is in the dead centre . Which means I power down accidentally at least twice a day.
    I guess I'll need to dismantle the gadget and physically remove the button! But, again, great review. This is my 2nd Logitech keyboard/mouse combo. I spilled my coffee onto my K360 & had to retire it. Once I disable that Power button, Id give this a 5 star rating! Right now, I'm wavering between 2 and 3 stars.

  • The K270 is one of the rare cases where the marketing, the packaging and the photos don't do the actual item justice. It's so much better than it's presented.

  • A word of caution regarding the batteries for the keyboard. Yesterday my keyboard stopped responding (the mouse still worked). I figured the batteries needed replacing since it had been a couple of years since they were last changed out. Turns out one of the batteries became corroded and it would not slide out of the battery slot. I had to use a screwdriver to pry it out. I then took apart the keyboard to clean off the corrosion on the terminal. Moral of the story: remove your batteries every so often (maybe once or twice a year) and check for corrosion.

  • Any idea how to get this to work with Linux Mint 19.1, before I take it back? Some keys work and others do not. The mouse is FAST! but the keyboard stinks!

  • Hi, I use Logitech G700 mouse and need a new keyboard. The problem is I need a tri-lingual keyboard (En/Heb/Ru), and only few descent options are available, one of which is this old MK270 combo. Now, G700 already has a nano-receiver. Do you think it will recognize K270 keyboard? I'd really appreciate your answer. Thank you.

  • I actually JUST got one of these yesterday for a little thin client I'm experimenting with and the keyboard feels perfectly fine. There's nothing mind blowing about it or anything, but as a basic keyboard it works great.

    But, to be perfectly honest, I've never run across a BAD Logitech keyboard. hehe

    The mouse however? I mean, I'm using it with this thin client… but that doesn't mean it's good. For the money, yeah, I mean… it points and clicks… the only REAL complaint I've got about it is its size. It's just too small in my opinion. But I'm not playing twitch games with it, I'm using it to point and click in Windows and, well, point and click games. It works.

    And in case anyone's interested for whatever reason, this thin client I'm referring to is a Dell WYSE with a quad core 1.5ghz AMD GX-415GA, 8GB of DDR3 and a 16GB SSD hooked up to an old 15" 75hz HP 1502 1024×768 display I've had kicking around for years now. I got it the other day (as of this writing) for 50 bucks.. I'm not using it for its intended purpose though. I'm more or less turned it into a retro DOS games machine because, well, that's what I grew up with and have nothing but good memories of. … and yes, that also takes into consideration the PC Speaker. 😉

  • I dont have the set, only the keyboard (since I use a larger gaming mouse that is a bit better for longer periods of use), really good keyboard for the price. Due to heavy gaming usage my batteries last more like a year, maybe 2 max which is still very impressive. Also, there is actualy a battery indicator in the software (setpoint), which you didn't mention here, which will also warn you when they are low. You can also use that software to rebind some of the buttons (the power button now locks my pc = windows key + L, but I've disabled windows key). Only downside is that sometimes the keypress effect is not immediate, perhaps due to interference or because my unifyer is not in the most ideal position.

  • Thank you sir for the video, althou you didnt mention the range of the wireless signal, how far from my pc can i be? thanks again.

  • I tried to use a friend's keyboard like that the other week after using a mechanical keyboard for the past 7 years and it was a weird experience. I'd never be able to go back to a membrane keyboard. As for the mouse, I have to use a vertical mouse to keep my carpal tunnel and arthritis from flaring up. Logitech makes a lot of good low priced products and this Logitech combo would be a great buy for school kids, or light home use. But not for someone like me who is writing 7 or 8 hours per day.

  • It's a good, honest KB and mouse! Best keyboard I ever owned though, hands down (pun not intended), was a Cherry G80 – then again you're paying a lot more. I know it's not really relevant to the nature of this vid but just thought I'd mention it anyway. (Never used a KB so nice.)

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